Feet are the foundation of movement

Feet are the unsung heroes of the human body. They not only bring us places and endure each and every step we take, but they also set the stage for the rest of our movements and how we feel performing them. Because of this, Naboso see feet—not as a means to an end, but as a means to mastering movement.

Improve your balance, posture, and gait with textured insoles, mats and other accessories from Naboso.

The future of what an insole can do is represented in the Naboso® range! 
Choose from Activation, Performance, Neuro or Duo, targeted stimulation to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to wake up your feet, build foot strength, reduce fatigue or improve performance Naboso has an insole for you. 

The Naboso Insoles are the only sensory insoles on the market and are thin enough to be worn in any shoe or on top of an existing arch support or orthotics.


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