Collection: rabbit

We created rabbit because we wanted something better. We both are lifelong runners and so we’ve tried all the running apparel out there, but we never found anything we loved. With athletic apparel everywhere you look, it’s hard to believe that no one had perfected the running short, but that’s exactly how it felt to us. Some things were too complicated, others too fussy, and plenty were downright ugly. Even worse, none seemed to really consider the distinct activity of running and the legitimate and specific needs of the runner.

We thought about this problem for quite a while and finally we decided that we were going to solve it ourselves. 

Figuring out what we wanted to make was just the start. Next we asked ourselves how we could make these clothes in a way that we felt good about. It turned out that the only answer was to manufacture everything right here in California. It might not be the easiest way to do things, but it’s the best way, so that’s how we do it. That’s our difference.