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COROS PACE 2 - Molly Seidel Edition

< Only 3000 Molly Seidel Edition packs have been produced globally >

For multi-sport athletes who go fast & far 

Includes Molly Seidel Edition watch, matching silicone band, emblazoned nylon band, and exclusive headband.

* The lightest GPS watch on the market at its launch

* 20 days for regular use/30 hours in full GPS mode

* Barometer, compass, and 24/7 heart rate monitoring

* Features run, bike, swim, cardio, strength, and water modes

* Full training plan and workout support


(Stock arrival expected 25th Nov 2022)


They're Here! The Brand New COROS APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro

Designed for performance over all types of terrain, the APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro GPS Outdoor Watches are built with revolutionary technologies for the most ambitious goals.

Exciting features of APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro include:

24/7 heart-rate monitoring with next-generation optical Heart Rate sensor

Communicates with all 5 major global satellite systems simultaneously

Global offline maps including landscape, topography, and hybrid views

The unparalleled COROS Training Hub, Coaching and Training System


- 45 hours - full GPS battery life

- 17 days - daily use of battery

- 8GB of internal storage including onboard music and mapping

APEX 2 Pro:

- 75 hours - full GPS battery life

- 30 days - daily use of battery

- 32GB of internal storage including onboard music and mapping


The ciele athletics 2022 4th Collection is available now!

What’s new 

Most of the ciele headwear line up is now Fair Trade Certified™. By working with Fair Trade Certified™ factories, ciele athletics supports better working conditions for the people who craft their products.

Love the Earth!

repreve fibres and recycled yarns are now found in almost 100% of the ciele line up from caps, to buckets, to the NSBCollection. The recycled materials used include post-consumer water bottle and pre-consumer waste which are traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable.

For every 1lb of repreve polyester yarn, the equivalent of 0.2 gallons of gasoline is conserved. 

#ciele #cieleathletics


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Have you tried PR Lotion yet?

PR Lotion is designed to maximise your training and recovery by unlocking bicarb, a natural electrolyte that improves muscle function and helps you combat fatigue during hard workouts.

PR Lotion is the world's first and only sports lotion that unlocks the natural electrolyte bicarb. Powered by InnerEdge™ technology, PR lotion delivers bicarb directly to the working muscles via the skin. It is scientifically proven to improve performance and decrease muscle soreness to help you make training gains, faster.

Get more from every training session with PR lotion. 



Red Dot Running Company aims to be a focal point for the running community in Singapore, starting with the trail and ultra runners who will always have a special place in our mountain-loving hearts. We work closely with niche brands that are born from sheer passion, looking to provide aspiring adventurers with the perfect kit.

Stay tuned for our new brand launches, product trials and community events, coming soon to a trail near you! 



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