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RDRC (alcohol)-FREE BEER MILE - 27 MAY

Sign up for our Global Running Day Edition of the RDRC (alcohol)-FREE BEER MILE!

We've got 4 NORT beers for you to try, and they'll be chilled and transported to the start line for you on the day.

This month's special - registration is $10 per runner, inclusive of your 4 beers!

Sign up for BEER HERE. (And running. Always running.)

The ciele athletics 2022 2nd Collection is available now!

What’s new 

Most of the ciele headwear line up is now Fair Trade Certified™. By working with Fair Trade Certified™ factories, ciele athletics supports better working conditions for the people who craft their products.

Love the Earth!

repreve fibres and recycled yarns are now found in almost 100% of the ciele line up from caps, to buckets, to the NSBCollection. The recycled materials used include post-consumer water bottle and pre-consumer waste which are traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable.

For every 1lb of repreve polyester yarn, the equivalent of 0.2 gallons of gasoline is conserved. 

#ciele #cieleathletics


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Speedland SL:HSV has landed!

Hyper-performance materials meet cutting-edge innovation 
to deliver the ultimate trail run experience. 

Named for Huntsville, Alabama, the SL:HSV was designed to meet the needs of Speedland athlete Liz Canty over the technical terrain of the Southeastern United States.

If it works there, it'll work anywhere.

Come try them on instore, or order online.

Click here if you need this in your life.

T8 Purple Sherpa

The new colourway from T8 has arrived, and we're royally pleased with this regal shade of purple!

Get yours now and complete your collection with the 6th colour from our favourite HK trail apparel brand.



Red Dot Running Company aims to be a focal point for the running community in Singapore, starting with the trail and ultra runners who will always have a special place in our mountain-loving hearts. We work closely with niche brands that are born from sheer passion, looking to provide aspiring adventurers with the perfect kit.

Stay tuned for our new brand launches, product trials and community events, coming soon to a trail near you! 



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