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Naboso® - Mind Body Mat

Naboso® - Mind Body Mat

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Naboso® Mind Body Mat

Enhance the way you connect to your foot strength and awareness during yoga, Pilates, barre and floor work. Naboso's Mind Body Mat features a unique texture to stimulate the feet, brain and entire body.

The Naboso Mind Body Mat is stimulating but not irritating to the knees, elbows and tops of feet. The Mind Body Mat is less stimulating compared to Naboso's Training and Pro Mat.

Recommended for

  • Optimising both hand and foot stimulation throughout any exercise whether Barre, Yoga, Pilates or any bodyweight movements
  • During myofascial release and stretching work
  • Floorwork and standing barefoot bodyweight exercises
  • The Naboso Mind Body Mat is perfect for your favourite studio classes such as Barre, yoga and Pilates and is designed to be lightweight and travel-friendly


  • 1.0mm patent-pending textural design
  • 5mm total thickness
  • 1.8kg total weight
  • Dimensions: 182cm x 60cm
  • Rolls up easily and comes with a carrying strap
  • Ideal for foot stimulation only during training and rehab exercises
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