Matador engineers high-performance travel equipment for any scenario. Their strengths in design, material technology, and creative construction inspire them to develop innovative products that bring outdoor expertise to travel.

Boulder Colorado Roots

All products are designed and tested at Matador's HQ in Boulder, Colorado. As a design-centric brand devoted to innovation, they test products in the multitude of environments surrounding Boulder, CO.


Matador Equipment is designed to perform in any condition or natural element. Each detail is carefully considered and evaluated by their team of master designers and materials experts.


Matador products are conceptualised with a specific applications in mind. They methodically choose features that are necessary, and eliminate frills and gimmicks--so Matador equipment performs better at what it was designed for.


Matador is not afraid of new and different--if it's better. By constantly testing the boundaries of industry standards, they aim to create more efficient and effective ways to pack and travel. With the application of cutting edge materials and advanced construction techniques, they sweat the details so you don't have to.

The Brand

Matador engineers purpose-built equipment for travelers who pursue more than the standard experience tailored for the masses. The right travel gear will enhance your motivation to get out there, and propel you forward into the unknown. Explore more, adventure often. Travel Hard.


Matador believe sustainability is a necessary business practice, not a marketing strategy. From their in-house repair program, to ethical manufacturing decisions, to carbon neutral freight carriers, they work behind the scenes to hold themselves to a higher standard throughout their business. Driven by the belief that everyone must do their part to preserve the planet we enjoy endlessly exploring.



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