Collection: SPEEDLAND

We are a company who refuses to cut corners. We keep all of them. Bend them, twist them, and mould them into the best trail shoe that’s ever touched the earth.  

Compromise is not a part of our vocabulary. We are obsessed with making the best trail footwear on the market today and have literally poured our lives – and our livelihood – into creating the Speedland SL:PDX and SL:HSV. The SL:PDX and SL:HSV are constructed from the most premium materials available – from the Michelin wrap outsole to the dual BOA Li2 Fit System to the knit upper reinforced with Dyneema®. No other footwear compares.

Above all, our products are built to last. Call it extended lifetime sustainability. Our equipment is meant to be on your feet for hundreds of miles across any terrain. At the end of its life cycle, request a return label and send the footwear back to us, where we deconstruct each layer and recycle them accordingly.

Quality can’t be borrowed or bargained for. But it can be built.