Naboso® - Sensory Stick

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  • Hands, meet Naboso!  

    Just like your feet, the surfaces of your hands are incredibly dense with nerve endings. When you touch something, the surfaces of your palms send thousands of signals to your brain to prepare the rest of your body to lift, throw, balance, and grab. 

    Naboso Sensory Sticks stimulate the surfaces of your palms to activate those connections and prepare you for movement. Additionally, because the sensory sticks are lightly weighted (2 lbs each), they actually activate your joints and muscles as well, creating an exponential mind/body connection.


    Recommended for: 

    • Daily hand and forearm release especially for those with carpal tunnel syndrome or who use their hands for work 
    • Strengthening the muscles of the hand, forearm and shoulder 
    • Improving balance when walking and can be used like a walking weight 

    Includes:   A set of 2 Sensory Sticks + 3 workouts designed to strengthen and tone the shoulders core and feet. 

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