Lecka - Natural Energy Bars

Deliciously Asian

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We carefully chose the most yummy flavours that Asia has to offer. Sustainably sourced ingredients right from the farms in Vietnam.

Naturally Healthy

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No artificial preservatives, artificial additives or refined sugar added. Just what nature has to offer. 


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Lecka prides themselves in doing things a bit different. They use sustainable packaging (recyclable and compostable) and are a certified social enterprise. 

Part of their efforts to be sustainable is their commitment to donating 2% of their annual sales to two resources that they feel are key to their mission:

  1. Youth development programs in Vietnam, to empower world leadership and subsequent innovation,
  2. Environmentalism projects that protect the planet through long-term conservation and waste reduction.

B-Corp certification

To top it off, Lecka is also B-Corp Certified!




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