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At Red Dot Running Company we see a lot of feet. We also see a lot of people tying their shoes when they're trying on a new pair, and if you care about how your shoe fits, you may need to (re)learn how to tie your shoes. No, we're not talking about the first rule of running, especially in races, which is "Double knot!"   We're talking about not tying your shoes like a kindergartner. Not yanking the laces tight so the top of the lacing web is tight and the middle and bottom are ... however they came from...

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In these WFH times you may have noticed that your feet and lower legs are much more swollen at the end of the day than they were in "normal" times. That's because your schedule is different, and so are the demands on your body. WFH means that many of us are sitting in front of our computers all day long, with few excuses to get up and walk around. We're not going out for lunch, we're not going out for a coffee, we're not wandering over to shoot the breeze with colleagues (or discuss work-related things with colleagues, boss!). Sitting in one position...

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As a long distance swimmer, once you’ve swum the English Channel, what else is there? Well, Singapore-based software executive Callum Eade has figured out the answer to that question, and is working his way through the Ocean’s 7 Challenge, comprising seven open water channel swims: the English Channel, Molokai Channel, Catalina Channel, North Channel, Tsugaru Strait, Strait of Gibraltar and Cook Strait. And when he’s done with the Ocean’s 7, he’s going back to Dover in an attempt to become the oldest person to swim the English Channel three times in a row! We met Callum when he approached us...

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Red Dot Running Company founder Jeri Chua was recently interviewed on the podcast Unlocking Athletic Potential, hosted by Ian Deeth and Johnny Tieu.  The interview ranges from Jeri's endurance roots as an Iron(wo)man triathlete who qualified in her debut for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii (the first Singaporean to compete there) through ultrarunning adventures in the Tor Des Geants, Ultra Trail Gobi Race and Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, to her current incarnation as founder of Red Dot Running Company, which aims to serve as a focal point for the trail running, ultra-running and triathlon communities in Singapore and around Southeast Asia.   Check...

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Racing means different things to different people. To marathon world record holders Eliud Kipchoge (2:01:39) and Brigid Kosgei (2:14:04), it means earning a (very good) living, and forging a place in athletics history. To those of us who run a bit more slowly, it can mean winning a local race, beating an age group rival, or simply doing the best that you can against the clock, the runners around you, and yourself. If you do race, the first step to racing better is figuring out what you want to achieve. Do you want to run the fastest time you can?...

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