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Get your creative juices flowing. Let the roads, streets, avenues, lorongs, jalans and trails inspire you. Remember imagining clouds as objects and animals as a kid? It's the same thing with a lot more sweat!

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You may know Red Dot Running Company sells Xero Shoes and Vibram FiveFingers, and you may have read "Born to Run". 😉😂 We get a lot of questions about the benefits of minimalist shoes, which can be divided into two main categories: 1) should I be transitioning to minimalist shoes? and 2) how should/can I transition to minimalist shoes without injuring myself? Should I be transitioning to minimalist shoes? The answer to the first question is “it depends”. Many people come to minimalist running for the same reason they try other new techniques and technologies: they’re looking to fix something,...

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Tomokazu Ihara’s story is well-known to many members of the Red Dot Running Company community. In 2007, Tomo was an overweight Japanese salaryman with an unhealthy lifestyle, but having just joined a sporting goods company, he entered a company-wide competition to see who could lose the most weight within three months. He set himself a goal of running 5 kilometres every day, and lost seven kilogrammes, winning the contest. After that, 5km turned into 10, then 15, 20, 50 and 100, and now Tomo is in the process of running 100 miles 100 times. Until 2018 Tomo had finished every...

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Our physical store is closed during the Circuit Breaker, but we know many of you are burning through your running shoes (have you joined the RDRC Strava club?).If you're curious about zero-drop shoes, or if you'd like to know how a particular shoe/model would fit you, the Shoe Guru is in!Our Store Manager, Zul, is a noted shoe expert, and will be doing ‘virtual shoe fittings’ online via WhatsApp, Zoom or FaceTime.Just drop us a line on Facebook, or email Zul directly at zul@rdrc.sg to make an appointment. Zul will be doing these consultations from the store, so it’s the...

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Ever felt tired or sluggish the day after a hard training session? Legs feel empty, like there’s nothing left in them? You’re putting in all the training, but are you recovering well? Recovery is an essential part of the process. The foundation of recovery for sports performance is a good night's sleep and three well-balanced meals a day. But intense workouts place additional strain on your body, and especially the specific muscle groups that have been involved in that hard workout. You should always aim to eat a good, balanced meal within two hours of your hard session (or any...

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