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Let’s say you’ve decided to run a marathon. You’ve run 5km and 10km events, but a marathon will be a big step up, and you’re not sure what to expect. What will happen when you hit “the wall”? Will you be able to finish?An important part of preparing to attempt any athletic endeavour, whether it is pursuing an Olympic marathon gold medal or finishing your first 5km road race, is aligning your goals with your resources. Olympians prioritise training and competition over nearly everything else; the rest of us must fit in our training around work, family, friends and other commitments.And so, as...

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Can you help us to learn more about our community? We'd love to know how you train and race so we can help you do what you love — only better! Click here (click "Read more" below to find the active link) to take the survey. It won't take long, we think you'll have fun, and we'd love to have your feedback! 😊 We'll be sharing the results soon!

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When it absolutely, positively has to get there overnight, did you know you can top up your supplies of Tailwind, Overstim.s, Revvies, Veloforte, CrampFix and Steigen socks via RedMart? RedMart delivers seven days a week, in the two-hour window of your choosing, from 07:00-23:00. If you're getting other stuff, of course, you can buy via, or even better, come in to the shop and say hello and see what's new!

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