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I have owned several pairs of "serious" hiking boots in my life, but I have used them only a couple of times. I have never climbed Mount Everest, never climbed a mountain using ropes, and when traveling, I have always balked at trying to find space in my bag for an Alps-ready pair of clodhoppers. What do I wear, then, in the mountains, when I'm hiking? Running shoes. And probably you should also. Here's why: Do you really need all that ankle support? You probably don't; your chances are much greater of developing blisters on day 1 of your trek...

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We love rabbit apparel for its super-comfy fabrics, and for its stylish designs. We also love the company for its origin story.  The short version: co-founders Monica DeVreese and Jill Deering were dissatisfied with the performance of the available running shorts. They wanted a pair of shorts that could go from road to trail to home and everywhere else in between. Utilizing their combined 30+ years of running industry experience, Jill and Monica got a hold of every type of running shorts they could and started making pro and con lists of things they loved, liked, hated and wanted to improve on. They gathered thoughts and...

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One of our Elite Ambassadors, Ian Deeth, will run his debut marathon in the Gold Coast, Queensland on 2 July. In his first blog post, Ian discussed his journey from ‘sprinter’, a discipline to which he was more naturally suited, to taking on endurance events, which were outside his comfort zone. He felt the key to unlocking his potential was a shift towards a growth mindset, in which you believe improvement is possible regardless of your innate abilities. In this second post, Ian shares some of his thoughts about being passionate about what you do and having a purpose beyond...

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A couple of years ago I struggled with a hamstring injury that just would not heal. The problem was caused by my failure to do enough (or any) physiotherapy following an Achilles tendon surgery, after which I lost significant muscle mass in my right calf. I was able to run again fairly soon, but incurred a series of injuries on my "strong" side, obviously as a result of overcompensating (I could see this also in the uneven wear patterns on the soles of my running shoes). Unfortunately, I'm pretty terrible at following through with non-running strength and flexibility exercises, even...

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One of our Elite Ambassadors, Ian Deeth, will run his debut marathon in the Gold Coast, Queensland on 2 July. Lots of people make their marathon debuts every year, but Ian’s journey is somewhat unique; he has quite literally progressed through the entire spectrum of athletic distances, starting in his late teens as an indoor 60-metres specialist before moving up to his favoured distance of 400 metres, at which he earned international honours for Scotland and Great Britain in the Under-23 category. In his late 30s, Ian began his endurance journey in order to improve his proficiency in Obstacle Course...

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