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When the COROS POD 2 was launched last month, we asked 2:39 marathon runner Derek Li if he would try it out, and write down his thoughts. He also borrowed a COROS PACE 2 GPS watch, in order to connect to the POD 2. Below is Derek's review for RoadTrailRun, with thanks for the permission to reprint! I was very fortunate to get to test the COROS PACE 2 watch as well as the newly launched POD 2, courtesy of the Red Dot Running Company in Singapore. POD stands for Performance Optimization Device, and the POD 2 aims to do just that. The...

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Two weeks ago, wearing one of her other hats as founder of Fatburd Events, Red Dot Running Company founder Jeri Chua organised a pair of "backyard ultra" races in Pasir Ris Park. You heard about it, we're sure. Ironmen Joshua Toh and Deric Lau ran a long, long way (Joshua ran 341.7 kilometers; Deric ran 335 kilometers) for a long, long time (Joshua and Deric both ran for 51 hours; Joshua won when Deric did not finish his last loop before the end of the hour, so in fact, Deric ran for longer). Event volunteer (and RDRC social media scribbler) Roberto...

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Masters track and field athlete John Chua has represented Singapore internationally many times in age group sprints, as well as the long jump. In June he and three other Singapore athletes traveled to Tampere, Finland to compete in the World Masters Athletics Championships, where John made his international debut in both the 80-metres and 300-metres hurdles. This World Championships marked the first time that four Singaporeans reached the finals of their respective events, and John reached the finals in both his races in the 75+ age group. We caught up with him after his return to Singapore. RDRC: You came...

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The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run (WSER) is the world’s oldest 100-mile (160.9 kilometres) trail race, starting in Olympic Valley, California, near the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics, and ending further west in Auburn, California. Competitors climb more than 18,000 feet (5,486 meters) and descend nearly 23,000 feet (7,010 meters), dealing with high altitude (over 2,600 meters) at the start, and blazing temperatures during the second half of the course. Reuben Cheang was the first Singaporean to finish Western States, in 2019, and within 26 minutes of each other, on the morning of 26th June, Stella Tsui and Sim...

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This Mother's Day, we celebrate a few of the Mother Runners in our community.

Evie Quah, Kareen Lai, Stephanie Lim and Zoey Wong are mothers, runners and friends who share a love of running and fitness, and this week spent some time talking with us about how they balance their responsibilities to their careers, their families and themselves.

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