Well, THAT was a year! Phew! Like all of you, I'm looking forward to a happier, healthier 2021, but I wanted to pause to give thanks to our community for all the support you gave Red Dot Running Company and our team in 2020. You don't need me to recap the year for you – we'll all be remembering it for decades without much fondness – but for many businesspeople, 2020 was a catastrophe, and many businesses did not survive. I'm confident most of those businesses will be back in another form (you can't keep a good entrepreneur down!), but the...

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Everyone runs (or cycles, or swims, or does any sort of regular exercise) for a different reason. But the pandemic has been a demotivating force for many of us. There’s no (live) racing, we’re eating more and moving less (those jeans are tighter, aren’t they?!?), and for much of the year, group runs have been severely restricted, if not banned altogether.Most of us aren’t in a position to help end the pandemic, so while we wait for a vaccine and a return to ‘normal’, we need to figure out how best to maintain our mental and physical health.If you’ve struggled...

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Dr. Jesse Timm is known to some in the RDRC community for the series of minimalist running workshops he held last year at the shop. He is also known – in his day job role as a chiropractor – for the help he has provided to some of us when we’ve had back or alignment problems. A Singapore resident since 2010, Jesse has always been an athlete, wrestling and rowing at the university level, but since then, mostly running, logging up to 200 injury-free kilometres a week in preparation for his first 100K in 2012. A sports injury in high school and...

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Need some motivation to stay in shape during the holiday season? How about a virtual journey through the mystic Himalaya? Best of all - it’s for a fantastic cause! Click here to enter the Empower Challenge, and you’ll have the month of December to run or hike your chosen route through the Everest region (42km and 100km distances are available). As you track your workouts, you’ll see your progress on the virtual race map. The entrance fee will go to support young female Nepalese athletes in the Mira Rai Initiative’s Exchange and Empower program. Nepalese trail running legend Mira Rai has taken...

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Taiwanese-Texan Jenny Huang is well-known on Singapore’s road racing scene (back when there was a road racing scene!), but she casts a much longer shadow out in the world of athletes from every sport (even desk jockeys!) who from time to time find that their bodies are not working quite right. Jenny is the founder and owner of HelloPhysio, which provides a wide range of physiotherapy and related services. We hate injuries, and we know you do too, so we thought we would talk to Jenny about what to do when you get injured, and more importantly, how to prevent...

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