Naked Sports Innovations

The lightest, most breathable, bounce resistant, highest performing and versatile running products for hydration and accessories.


The co-founders - two brothers - one a mountain runner and the other a triathlete, searched without success for a product that had the capacity, flexibility, comfort and performance they needed to carry the hydration and accessories they needed for their training and racing; having tried everything else out there without luck, they realized they had to do it themselves.

Lindsay, an accomplished athlete and brilliant designer created the Naked® running band and, together with Rick, a stubborn age group Ironman and veteran entrepreneur, said let's do this


Today, the revolutionary Naked® running Band is sold in over 75 countries around the world, from Malta to Sierra Leone, Scotland to Singapore, and Poland to New Zealand. It is being used by top athletes in trail running, triathlon and marathon and a huge community of dedicated weekend warriors too.

The verdict is in: Naked® running band has been consistently ranked among the best sports accessories in the world by the most demanding reviewers!



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