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Zenone - Z1902 - Lightweight Carbon-Aluminium Trekking Poles

Zenone - Z1902 - Lightweight Carbon-Aluminium Trekking Poles

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Zenone - Z1902 - Lightweight Carbon-Aluminium Trekking Poles

ZENONE Carbon-Aluminium Ultra-Light Trekking Poles have been designed and manufactured with top quality, convenience, and durability in mind.

The carbon tubes are made from a patented design that reduces the tube diameter while still ensuring strength and durability required to attack the mountains and trails.

Combining the strength of carbon with the flexibility of aluminium, this hybrid pole design offers the best of both worlds in an ultralight package.

Colour:Dazzle colour

Material:Aluminum alloy and Carbon

Length :105cm/110cm/115cm/120cm/125cm




- ZEN3 Patent Stick Tip System

The tungsten and carbide pole tip has been designed for both performance and resilience, with a thread security system for better performance.


EVA Handle

EVA was selected for it's high scratch resistance, high elasticity , and lightweight properties. The ergonomic grip design allows flexibility, comfort and performance on all terrains and gradients. 


Dyneema Rope

The ultralight carbon sections are connected by Dyneema rope, 40% stronger than Kevlar and twice the strength of carbon fiber. ZENONE poles also incorporate a spring-loaded suspension system which reduces the risk of breakage, and increases performance and durability.


Secure and comfortable Draw-Cord design

A Duraflex fastener secures the draw-cord on the wrist strap, preventing it from interfering with movement during use. Instead of pulling on the draw-cord, hold the Duraflex fastener and pull to lock or unlock the pole.



This is a four-section folding pole, with a folded length of 33cm, designed to be conveniently stored. A velcro folding strap keeps the poles in place when folded.



ZENONE firmly believe in taking responsibility for their products with a competent after-sales care service.

All ZENONE poles are covered by an 18-month quality guarantee.

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