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Xero Shoes - DIY Heel Strap (Pair)

Xero Shoes - DIY Heel Strap (Pair)

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In March 2015, Xero added a patent-pending lacing system to the Amuri Cloud sandals that uses a new, super comfortable, instantly adjustable heel strap.

Now you can “retrofit” your older Cloud, or use the heel strap for instant adjustability and superior comfort on your Xero Shoes DIY Sandal Kit.

The Amuri Heel Strap is made of tubular nylon webbing, with a thin strip of silicone for extra comfort and grip. The hardware at each end locks your laces in place with just a pull, and then loosens just as easily with a flick of your finger.

In fact, you can take any similar product to our DIY kits and Amuri-ize it with the toe posts as well.

Here’s how to retrofit your earlier model Amuri Cloud and Venture


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