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Vivobarefoot - Sensus - Tan - Men's

Vivobarefoot - Sensus - Tan - Men's

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Vivobarefoot - Sensus - Tan - Men's

A simple yet defined expression of leather craftsmanship. A deconstructed, ultra-minimalist design with a thin rubber outsole, stitch down construction and a leather foot bed. Vivobarefoot's most barefoot product yet.  

Modern footwear inspired by ancestral wisdom. Drawing inspiration from the earliest foot coverings crafted by humans, this moccasin fits and feels like a glove for your feet. Embodying simplicity and craftsmanship, the Sensus features a 3mm sole for a closer connection to the earth and is made with premium wild hide leather. Its unique design enables you to walk in our ancestors' footsteps.

The Sensus Outsole is a 3mm sole with a heel wrap and a slight flare that encourage your heel to naturally rock, helping barefoot movement and flexibility. Featuring Vivobarefoot's signature footprint design, inspired by the Laetoli footprints — the oldest preserved human footprints from around 3.7 million years ago./span> Embrace your human nature. Supple, naturally water-resistant wild hide leather fits like a foot glove. The best piece of technology ever to be put in a shoe? The human foot. So let's set it free. You've got everything you need, naturally.

Details, details

  • Foot shaped (not shoe shaped), to let your feet do their natural thing
  • WIDE to allow for natural stability
  • THIN to enable you to feel more
  • FLEXIBLE to enable natural movement.
  • Made with metal-free leather
  • Lifestyle outsole offers maximum underfoot sensory feedback.

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