Veloforte Forza Bar - Apricots, Almonds & Fennel

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    Veloforte | Avanti | Vegan | Allergen Information | Natural Energy Bar

    Veloforte | Forza | Protein Bar | Natural Energy Bar | Allergen Info | Delicious

    Veloforte | Forza | Natural Energy Bar | Protein Bar | Complete Protein | Delicious

    Refuel with complete protein 

    Fuelling for exercise is well understood, but for any workout that lasts longer than 90 minutes it is essential that you fuel for your recovery too (30,31). The best way to do this is with 100% natural & delicious real food, with the optimal balance of Carbohydrates and Protein (16-18).

    Veloforte | Forza | Natural Protein Bar| Cycling | Running | Recovery | Energy Bar

    Juicy apricots, crunchy almonds, aromatic fennel & the power of complete protein makes the Forza the optimal workout refuelling bar. 

    "Yum... lovely chewy texture & not too sweet. Feels like you're eating your way back. It's fantastic!" - Jonny, Bedfordshire


    Veloforte | Forza | Protein Bar | Natural Energy Bar | Complete Protein | Delicious

    Fuelling your recovery means you should aim to rehydrate, replenish glycogen stores & start to rebuild muscle within the first 30 minutes after exercise (30).

    Your muscles store energy in the form of glycogen that is released when you exercise. When you work hard your muscles' stores of glycogen are depleted & this is known as the Glycogen Debt. To optimise recovery it is essential to top up these stores - the quicker the better. Glycogen stores are built up by eating glucose and that means that carbohydrates are your best friends at this time (30).

     With an optimised Carbohydrate:Protein ratio of 3:1, each 70g Forza bar has enough of the essential stuff to kick start your recovery (17,18).


    Veloforte | Forza | Protein Bar | Natural Energy Bar | Complete Protein | Delicious

    Each Forza bar is packed full of apricots, orange juice, agave nectar, cane sugar & honey...100% natural rapidly available carbohydrates to restore those tired muscles.

    Our apricots are unsulphured so are naturally darker & sweeter, full of essential carbohydrates, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals (29). Fennel is a great source of manganese & is recognised for its anti-inflammatory power (33), perfect to regulate blood sugar (32) & calm muscle soreness after prolonged exercise. 

    Veloforte | Forza | Protein Bar | Natural Energy Bar | Complete Protein | Delicious

    Protein repairs & rebuilds muscle tissue after exercise (16). The 12g protein within the Forza comes from one of nature's best natural complete protein sources... egg whites 


    A complete protein is one which contains all 9 essential amino acids to facilitate muscle repair. With a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score of 1.0 (the highest level possible) our pasteurised egg whites are free from saturated fat & cholesterol, easy to digest and 100% natural (34)

    We believe that everything is better if it's natural. No cardboard, no digestive issues...#refuel better 

    Our recipes are stuffed full of the finest ingredients. They are naturally free from gluten, dairy or any additives & preservatives … making them easily and naturally digestible, free from any nasties.



    Apricots (unsulphured), almonds, cane sugar, egg white, honey, agave nectar, orange juice & zest, spices, tapioca flour, wafer paper, vanilla seeds. Allergens: See ingredients in bold  

    Veloforte | Forza | Protein Bar | Natural Energy Bar | Recovery | Nutritional Information


    All Veloforte bars & bites are handmade from the finest ingredients. 
    They last 12 months when stored in a cool dry place. 
    Veloforte use whole fruits and whole nuts in their products, whilst every effort is made to remove all fruit stones & nut shells, there may be the occasional fragment.
    Not suitable for people with nut or peanut allergies. 


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