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Veloforte - Ciocco Bar - Dates, Almonds & Cocoa

Veloforte - Ciocco Bar - Dates, Almonds & Cocoa

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Veloforte Ciocco Bar - Dates, Almonds & Cocoa

Icons for nutritional highlights of the Ciocco energy bar. 5g protein, 40g carbs and gluten-free

This hugely popular bar is delicious--crammed full of chewy dates, crunchy almonds and enriching cocoa.

"Veloforte bars are nearly faultless: 4.9 / 5 Awesome stuff!" - 

Veloforte | Ciocco | Award Winning Natural Energy Bar

Brilliant for endurance and recovery too, each Ciocco bar packs a real punch of fast release energy & a balanced blend of protein, slow release carbohydrates & fibre (13,16)Dates are a veritable super-food, providing fast & effective energy release, antioxidants, vitamin A, iron, potassium and minerals (29,35).

"Rocket Fuel!" - Men's Health Magazine

Veloforte | Ciocco | Award Winning Natural Energy Bar

Beautifully enriched with the highest quality cocoa, high in anti-oxidants, a treat for your taste buds and also a mild stimulant (caffeine), the Ciocco is the perfect fuel for those hard-working training sessions and refuelling stops (36,37).

Veloforte's recipes are stuffed full of the finest ingredients. Ciocco energy bars naturally free from gluten, dairy or any additives and preservatives…making them easily and naturally digestible, free from any nasties.

Ingredients and Potential Allergens

  • Dates
  • Almonds
  • Cane sugar
  • Honey
  • Cocoa powder
  • Agave syrup
  • Spices
  • Vanilla seeds
  • Wafer paper

Potential allergen ingredients in bold

Veloforte uses whole fruits and whole nuts in their products, whilst every effort is made to remove all fruit stones & nut shells, there may be the occasional fragment.

All Veloforte bars & bites are handmade from the finest ingredients. 

They last 12 months when stored in a cool dry place. 

Not suitable for people with nut or peanut allergies.

Nutritional values for Veloforte Ciocco Bar

Typical values Per 100g  Per 62g bar
Energy kJ/KCal 1668/396 1034/245
Total fat (g) 12.6 7.8
Of which saturates (g) 1.3 0.8
Carbohydrates (g) 63.7 39.5
Of which sugars (g) 54.7 33.9
Fibre (g) 6.3 3.9
Protein (g) 8.5 5.3
Salt (g) <0.1 <0.1
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