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T8 - Commando Running Underwear - Black - Men's

T8 - Commando Running Underwear - Black - Men's

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To freshen things up, T8 have updated the waistband on the Commandos Running Underwear to a new black "Midnight Mountains" design. It's a more stylish look, but the Commandos are otherwise the same chafe-free goodness! 

  • World's lightest full-leg running underwear at under 40 grams
  • Designed by runners - no inner thigh seam and super smooth stitching
  • Highly breathable and wicking to keep you cool and dry
  • Stay comfortable all day long with fitted 3D stretch
  • No chafing or your money back
  • 85gsm Italian blend - 90% polyamide / 10% elastane
  • Performance waistband and 6" inseam for full leg protection

The Commando (2018) was T8's first product and received almost universal 5 star reviews but #betterneverstops. Based on customer feedback, they have tweaked the Commando (previously called Commando V2) to be even better.

  • Removed the front inner leg seam, a high-risk chafing area
  • Reverse merrow stitch for a "barely there" seam feel
  • Tapered leg and more elastic leg hem to stay put
  • Waistband seam moved off-centre back to prevent coccyx rub
  • Adjusted the sizing for a truer fit (see updated size chart)

"Helps to combat chafing, incredibly light, very breathable and comfortable and ideal for all conditions." - Ultra168. And check out this review from Middle of the Pack Runner:


The Commando has been extensively tested in Hong Kong's tropical conditions and is guaranteed chafe-free. If you experience any chafing in your T8 Commandos, send us a photo and we'll refund you 100%.


Waist (in) Length (cm) Front Rise (cm) Leg (cm)
Men XS 25.0 30.0 21.0 15.3
Men S 27.0 32.0 22.1 16.2
Men M 29.0 34.0 23.3 17.2
Men L 31.0 36.0 24.4 18.1
Men XL 33.0 38.0 25.5 19.0


T8 Commandos run true to size. Please check the size chart above.


Here's what the boys had to say:

on May 08, 2018

T8, the best so far!

I've been using T8 underwear for a week and I must say it feels great. No chafing. Super light and thin. Good for hot and humid running conditions. Will get a few more T8s.

on May 06, 2018

The most comfortable pair of running underwear

First thoughts when putting these on - OMG these are comfortable. 
When running they support what needs to be support and provide a layer between things that can chafe that make them a fantastic pair of running underwear. cant recommend them highly enough.

YongWei T on May 04, 2018

T8 Commando light and felt almost nothing yet holds well

Super light and thin, the first look at it is can this hold It did hold very well. After a quick while into workout, almost forget I wearing it. Tried on both running flats for hours and long duration of climbing, in both hot and storm weather, it is superb and the seams are at strategic location to minimize rubbing with skin.

on May 03, 2018


There are plenty of running undies that promise to be chafe free, but you get a bit skeptical when they bunch up like a wet nappy after 20 minutes in the tropical heat, and legitimately worried when the crown jewels are flayed worse than Theon Greyjoy's nutsack a mere 20 minutes later. The proof, however, is always in the shower. Fact: I only cry out of disappointment. The screams are real.

The T8 Commando is a very different bit of kit. Cool, lightweight, and non-absorbent. They stay right where they're meant to be. And no chafe. 

These undies truly are the ducks nuts.

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