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Omius - Headband with Cooling Pieces - White

Omius - Headband with Cooling Pieces - White

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Omius - Headband with Cooling Pieces - White

The Omius headband, visors and caps are uniquely designed with a silicon grid to hold the Omius cooling pieces. The grid holds the pieces in place and in direct contact with the skin. The cooling pieces are replaceable and easily transferable from one form factor to another. The products are made of the highest quality elastic material for an ergonomics and comfortable fit. The elastic material of the headband and cap and fit most head sizes. The visor is adjustable.

Headband comes bundled with a 20-pack of NEW and IMPROVED cooling pieces.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Replaceable cooling pieces
  • Available in Black and White
  • Weight 50g (1.6oz)

The Omius Technology

When water or sweat evaporates on the surface of the skin it absorbs heat and cools the body.

The amplified cooling effect of the Omius technology comes from water being absorbed into the cooling pieces where it has 5x more surface area for evaporation. The transformation of water from a liquid to a gas on the surface of the graphite pulls heat from the inside of the cooling pieces which are in contact with the skin and thus cooling the skin.

Because the cooling effect is driven solely by water evaporation the effect will continue indefinitely as long as the cooling pieces are wet and have airflow across them.

The cooling pieces are made of a highly thermally conductive graphite coated in a hydrophilic coating that optimizes the uptake and evaporation of the water that powers the cooling effect.


Do I need to put the cooling pieces in the freezer?

NO! The only requirement for amplified cooling is that the cooling pieces are wet during use, sit in direct contact with the skin and are uncovered so air can flow across them to enhance the evaporation.

For how long does the technology cool during use?

The cooling pieces will continue to cool indefinitely as long as they are wet, sit in direct contact with the skin and are uncovered so air can flow across them.

Why do the cooling pieces not feel cold after I have worn it for 5 minutes?

The headband cools via direct contact of the skin with the graphite. After about 5 minutes, the thermal receptors in the skin stop noticing the temperature gradient between the warm skin and the cooler graphite and instead perceive it as the “new normal”. But the cooling effect persists and can be detected by moving the headband slightly so the graphite comes in contact with skin that has not yet adapted to the “new normal”.

Does the technology wear out?

No. The cooling technology will work indefinitely as long as it is maintained with regular washes and care in handling.

Do I need to keep the cooling pieces wet at all times?

No. The cooling pieces can be stored dry and then re-soaked before each use.

Do I need to wet both the headgear and the cooling pieces?

The cooling effect comes exclusively from keeping the cooling pieces wet but there is no harm in wetting the headgear as well.

Is sweat enough to power the cooling effect?

Most likely not but it depends on the sweat rate and ambient conditions. Sweat will augment the cooling effect but for optimal performance the headband should be kept wet with water.

Can I use the products indoors?

Yes. The cooling technology works as well indoors as outdoors but you will need to have a small fan blow air across the cooling pieces to simulate the airflow you get naturally from moving outdoors.

How do I maintain my Omius?

The cooling pieces are fragile and can chip or break from normal wear and tear. The most important thing you can do is to always handle the cooling pieces with great care. Think of your headgear as a premium pair of sunglasses that you don’t want to scratch. Do not hit the cooling pieces on hard surfaces and always store in a safe place when not in use.

It is also important to regularly wash salts and other impurities off the pieces. GENTLY hand wash the headband and BACKSIDE of the cooling pieces using soft soap (dishwashing soap works great!). Rinse thoroughly to get rid of all the soap.


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