NNormal - Water Flask - 500ml - Transparent

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  • NNormal - Water Flask - 500ml - Transparent


    A flask... But a flask made to last.
    No leaks. Less replacing. Happier planet.

    A flask is a flask, some people think. But we try to think about things differently. And to leave less trace, wherever possible. That’s why our clear flask is tougher, and longer-lasting, than most. With no-leak tech: a soft, high-flow bite valve that auto-seals after each sip, eliminating drips.

    I’ve dropped it. I fell on it while it was in my vest. I’ve taken it through snow. And baking heat. It’s coped with it all!''
    – Tofol Castanyer


    Safer. Smarter.
    Made from 100% TPU, the flask is also BPA- and PFC-free, which is (much) better for the planet. And it’s also safe for the top-rack of your dishwasher (up to 60°C) after a particular muddy scramble.

    Commitments & Origins:

    · Made in China by Hydrapak LLC
    · Flask: 100% TPU

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