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Milestone - MS-i1 “Endurance Model” Headlamp

Milestone - MS-i1 “Endurance Model” Headlamp

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Milestone - MS-i1 “Endurance Model” Headlamp

Ultra lightweight & high power. Comes with a dedicated rechargeable battery that can be used as a mobile battery

Lighting pattern: Loop lighting MID → HIGH → ULTRAHIGH → LOW Lighting
method: Press and hold the button for 2 seconds

1) Pursue operability, lighting Equipped with a mix of white and light bulb colour LEDs
2) Discerning specs *LOW ( 65lm
: 53 hours)
**MID (260lm: 11 hours)
***HIGH (480lm: 8 hours) 
** **ULTRA HIGH (1000lm: 7.5hours)

■ Brightness / brightness
1000 lumens / 1000 lumens ■ Battery used /Lithium rechargeable

battery for (MS-LB3) included / lithium ion battery (MS-LB3) ■ Body weight / weight 175g (including battery) ■ Accessories / Dedicated lithium rechargeable battery for attachement (MS-LB3), dedicated clip, top belt

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