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COROS - POD 2 (Performance Optimisation Device)

COROS - POD 2 (Performance Optimisation Device)

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COROS - POD 2 (Performance Optimisation Device)

The POD 2 can be used in tandem with any of COROS' current available GPS watches to give yourself even greater running data for optimal training and racing.

While GPS technology continues to advance, it still has its limitations. Tall buildings can disrupt satellite signals, pace data often lags behind by several seconds, and tracking indoors is often just an educated guess. COROS continues its mission to "Explore Perfection," as the POD 2 expands the capabilities of the brand's watches to "Run Beyond GPS."

The COROS POD 2 expands the capabilities of GPS in the following ways:

  • A more sensitive Instant Pace provides exceptional accuracy for workouts and races.
  • Enhanced distance and pace accuracy for indoor runners.
  • More consistent tracking around tall buildings and other areas with frequent signal disruptions.
  • Effort Pace - an instant, all-encompassing pace metric, to accurately reflect the runner’s true effort, regardless of the terrain.

Effort Pace

Effort Pace will be available to all COROS users.

With Effort Pace, runners will see a pace on their wrist and in their COROS app, which accurately reflects their true effort. The COROS Sports Science Team, plans additional enhancements to Effort Pace in the future, including environmental factors such as temperature (available on the POD 2), humidity, altitude and more.

Why Effort Pace?

The new Effort Pace feature brings performance metrics into line with how runners train and feel.

COROS’s planned update, due within a few months, will take into account environmental factors such as heat and humidity--making this very relevant for runners in Singapore and S.E.A.

Details, details

  • Battery Life – 28 hours continuous activity (included charging dock holds 140 hours of charge (5 full POD 2 charges)
  • Waterproof to 3 ATM (30 meters)
  • Onboard Barometric Altimeter, Thermometer, Compass, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope
  • Just 5.6g (0.2oz) – unnoticeable on the shoe
  • Clip on your shoe or waist
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