COROS - Keychain Charging Cable

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  • COROS Keychain Charging Cable

    COROS Keychain Charger being used


    The brand new, super versatile COROS Keychain Charger can be attached to your car key, backpack, or wherever you want so you don't need to worry about where it is.

    Compatible with COROS PACE 2, APEX, APEX Pro, and VERTIX.

    COROS Keychain charger aluminium cover

    A durable aluminum cover keeps the Keychain Charger secure while clipped in.

    COROS Keychain charging cable nylon cord
    Nylon-covered cord for tens of thousands of bending while keeping the charger slick as an accessory.
    COROS Keychain charging cable

    Redesigned connector for an extra snag to your watch so it's worry-free during ultra-distance run.

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