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COROS - Arm Heart Rate Monitor Band - Grey

COROS - Arm Heart Rate Monitor Band - Grey

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COROS - Arm Heart Rate Monitor Band - Grey

Only compatible with the COROS Arm Heart Rate Monitor.  This is for extra band only.  Please see our listing here if you are looking for the Heart Rate Monitor. 

  • Only compatible with COROS Heart Rate Monitor
  • Material: polyester fiber, nylon, spandex
  • Arm Size: 18-32cm (regular) | 24-43cm (large)
  • Snug and easy fit for enhanced heart rate accuracy
  • Breathable and comfortable during long workouts
  • "EXPLORE PERFECTION" included on the band

How Optical Heart Rate Monitors Work

Optical heart rate sensors work best when they're held securely against the skin. The COROS - Arm Heart Rate Monitor's band is designed to cradle the sensor flush against your arm to prevent external light from getting in to keep the signal quality strong, no matter your activity.

Optical heart rate sensors work by using light to measure blood flow in capillaries beneath the skin. The top of your wrist is a convenient place for a watch, but is a challenging location for even the best sensors. Wearing on the arm offers COROS'  optical sensor an optimal amount of blood flow to gather heart rate data with accuracy equivalent to that of a traditional chest strap.

Sleek and Snug

Simpler to wear than a chest strap, the soft fabric band lays flat around your arm and locks in place with its textured surface. The low-profile design prevents snagging on clothes or gym equipment, allowing you to forget you're even wearing it.

Flexible Fit

Set the perfect placement and tension on the durable elasticated band by simply sliding the buckle until it feels snug. The secure velcro enclosure enables you to quickly remove the sensor and wash the band easily.

  • Comfortable and simpler to wear than a chest strap
  • Easy to adjust the fit and remove the sensor for quick cleaning
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