Caterpy - Run No-Tie Reflective Shoelaces - Standard (30in / 75cm) - Ghost Grey

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  • Caterpy - Run No-Tie Reflective Shoelaces - Standard (30in / 75cm) - Ghost Grey

    Originally invented and patented in Japan, Caterpy laces are the first true no-tie shoelaces that require zero hardware--no clips, clasps and stoppers. 

    Be Seen at Night

    Bump up your night-time visibility with Caterpy's no-tie shoelaces with reflective fibres weaved into them. Whether you're running around the block or run-commuting when it's dark, crossing the road or running on the road shoulder can be sketchy--even along Singapore's well-lit streets.

    Dial in Tension Easily With Caterpy's Bump Technology

    You can adjust the tension of Caterpy's no-tie shoelaces thanks to their 'bump technology'--these bumps keep things as tight as you want without loosening over the course of a run, hike or wherever your feet take you.

    What Makes Caterpy Great?

    You can tune every part of your shoe's upper to your foot's unique shape. 

    Caterpy no-tie shoelaces

    Lacing up with most stock and traditional laces give you a fit that's either too tight or a little loose. Caterpy gives you the right amount of stretch and tension to stay comfortable but secure when running, hiking and getting after your day.

    Elastic laces have been around for years. But not all no-tie elastic laces are the same. Caterpy solves the issue of (potentially) breaking parts (e.g., fasteners, clasps, etc) while giving you a way to right-fit your shoes easily every time you slip them on.

    How to Customise Your Caterpy No-Tie Shoelaces 

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