Caterpy - No-Crease Hair Tie (Assorted Colours)

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  • Caterpy - No-Crease Hair Tie (Assorted Colours)

    Life's like ordering a Caterpy No-Crease Hair Tie--you never know which colour you'll get ;) Colours for orders of the Caterpy No-Crease Hair Tie are picked at random.

    Caterpy's Bump Tech Works for Your Hair

    No Hardware: No metal fasteners that break or damage hair causing split ends
    No Adhesives: No resin adhesive that quickly wears out
    No Creased Hair: Bump structure holds hair securely without leaving a crease from being too tight
    High Quality: Japanese engineered under strict quality control standards
    Versatile: Can be used as hair tie or bracelet!

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