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What is Kea Peak?

• A visor that looks like a hat
• Ultra high, fitting front

• No slip adjustable fit
• Comfort stretch sides
• Fits large and small head sizes

"Lots of girls look stellar in trucker caps, and I'm happy for them; I, however, look like a man. A hat covers all of my short hair slicked back and I'm not going to pull out those little cute-girl-side-whispies just before heaving myself up a 3,000 ft cliff.

As I fell more in love with trail running I grew even more eager to find a solution; a hat that fit the culture, one that showed who I was in pictures (namely, a girl), and one that was not going to give me a headache.

When nothing could be found I figured I'd just have to do it myself. I learned how to engineer a pattern and I learned how to sew it from online videos. I knew I needed to persevere, I knew one day many others would be happy I did."

Abby Morton, Founder and Production Lead

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