Collection: Gear Library

Welcome to our Gear Library!

There's nothing worse than paying a good chunk of cash for something that doesn't quite work out the way you'd like. We've all been there.

So here's a chance to take some gear out for a test ride, make up your own mind, with no obligations to buy.

Here's some conditions:

1. One item at a time - we've got a limited inventory so be considerate and book one item at a time, please.

2. Be kind - It's a loan unit, but we'd appreciate it greatly if you could treat it like a new purchase. Feel free to put it through it's paces, you've got to be sure it works for you, but our Gear Library residents don't like being stomped on, being dragged through mud or being set on fire. Don't do anything you wouldn't normally do to your own kit! 

We understand that stuff gets damaged, and testing stuff out will cause some wear and tear. So don't stress about breaking anything, just don't do it deliberately!

3. Be clean - we ask that you return all loans in a clean condition. Most items can be put in a small mesh laundry bag and into the washing machine on a quick 30 deg C wash. No tumble drying, no fabric softeners, no bleach. 

4. Payment - You'll be charged a $15 admin fee for the loan. This covers post to you, return post to us, and a coffee for our time (Just kidding! We don't drink coffee.) We think that's fair, and hope you do too.

You'll get a $15 rebate off the purchase price if you decide to buy the item, don't worry .. we'll send you a new one!  

The $15 admin fee is not refundable if you don't buy the item.

5. Loan period - You have 3 days (72 hours) to try out your selected piece of kit. That should be enough to get a feel for what works.

Day 1 starts when you receive the kit. See the section on Collection for more detail. 

You'll need to return the item after 72 hours, by the morning of Day 4. See the section on Returns for more detail.

6. Collection - We'll send your item by registered post (based on online tracking) or you can make arrangements to pick it up (this option may not always be available).

The $15 admin fee is still payable if you arrange to self-collect.

7. Returns - You can return by pre-paid registered post or drop it back in person.

Registered post - you'll get a pre-paid envelope or box with your item. Just pack the item and seal the envelope/box.

Take a picture of the tracking number.

Drop in at the nearest post office. 

WhatsApp the picture to the number provided with your name and name of the item you're sending back.

We'll keep an eye out for the return and process your refund once we've received it safely and in good condition.

8. Purchase - if you're delighted with the item and would like to buy one, just let us know when you send the loan item back. We'll send you a code to take $15 off the price.

Happy trails!

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