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ashmei aim to produce the very best performance athletic apparel in the world.

To do this they approach the R+D process in a completely different way to every other brand. They start with a blank canvas and consider the very best fibres for the athlete, based on their activity and the climates involved. ashmei then create bespoke material that they believe becomes the new benchmark in the market.

Real comfort is determined by the mix of fibres used in the material. If you get these slightly wrong, you end up too hot, cold, damp or wet.

This approach is a culmination of 25 years’ experience as sportswear designers. It is continued in every detail, feature and component which allows them to engineer the ultimate performance product. They do this rather than focus on key price points or creating seasonal collections that follow fads or trends. 

ashmei designs are classic, understated and evolve with every iteration. 

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