The Omius Running Visor Product Review

The Omius Running Visor Product Review

Experienced Runner and Red Dot Running Company Team Member Gustav 'Gus' Simensen takes the Omius Running Visor out for a test run (literally). Here's how it fares.

Product: Omius Visor with Cooling Pieces

What is it? The Omius is an innovative new technology to cool the body and address thermal discomfort. It works by acting as a heat sink and imitating the way we currently cool machines like computers or engines. 

The cooling pieces are made from a highly thermally-conductive graphite coated in a hydrophilic coatings that optimizes the uptake and evaporation of the water. It works by amplifying the cooling effect of the body with its 5x more surface area for evaporation. When the water transforms from a liquid to gas on the surface of the graphite cooling pieces, it pulls the heat from the pieces in contact with the skin, cooling it down in the process. Learn more.

Test Run Details:

  • Distance: Approximately 11 km
  • Time: Started at 9 AM, 33°C Conditions

Running Background:

Formerly a casual runner and badminton enthusiast, my shift to long-distance running began during the COVID-19 pandemic. I've successfully completed my first 100km ultra-marathon during this period. Now, I focus on half-marathons and other ultra events, with a dedication to assisting fellow runners in endurance races. Currently, I am returning to racing after overcoming a running-related injury, aiming to complete a marathon by year-end.


Gus testing out the new Omius visor with cooling pieces on a 11 km run in the tropical heat, with temperatures hitting 33 degrees Celcius.

Product Experience and Comfort:

Upon testing the Omius visor, I noted its slight weight increase compared to traditional running visors due to its cooling inserts. However, this additional weight is a small price for the substantial cooling benefits it offers. When I was running, I often forgot I was wearing it as it sat very snug on my head after adjusting it to the correct size, which was super easy. I did find the band to be slightly on the thicker side (lots of strap, excessive material), and the visor itself was slightly on the larger side. Yes, it gives you a lot of sun protection, but I felt a bit like a Korean auntie. A visor, in my opinion, is always going to be better on super hot runs as you’re getting shade and allowing heat to exit the top of your head and not get trapped.


The cooling pieces are made of a highly thermally conductive graphite with a hydrophilic coating that optimizes the uptake and evaporation of the water that powers the cooling effect. (Left) Close-up of two of the 20 cooling pieces required for each visor.

Cooling Effectiveness:

The visor’s cooling technology was immediately noticeable. Pre-soaking the visor in water enhanced its cooling effect, which was particularly evident as breezes passed during my run. Even in Southeast Asia's humid climate, where I've lived for over 13 years, the visor prevented the intense overheating that often occurs, especially at stoplights. At traffic lights, I would sometimes adjust the visor to a new spot on my forehead, and it was SO cold, like flipping your pillow at night so you could lay on the cold side. I also felt like heat was able to more easily escape from my forehead, and there was never any point, even waiting at a red light, where I felt the panic type of overheating. Ending my run, I took the visor off, and my forehead and skin were cold to the touch.


Just a few of the pro athletes worldwide that use Omius to keep their cool during training and races.


Impact on Performance:

While I've only used the Omius visor for an 11 km run so far, the improvement in comfort was unmistakable. I experienced no overheating and could maintain a steady pace and heart rate. The technology, which functions best when exposed to airflow, significantly reduces the risk of post-run headaches by keeping the head cool throughout the session. Having only used it once and a relatively shorter run I cant say much in terms on its longer affect but I am pretty confident that on longer distances such as a half or full marathon that it would definitely make a performance-enhancing difference.

Usability and Maintenance:

It takes a while to put all 20 of the cooling inserts into the visor, and I was honestly a bit scared to break them. I recommend hand washing the visor without the inserts to avoid damage. While it might withstand machine washing, I personally didn’t want to risk it. On the whole, the Omius is very user-friendly, even for those new to such technology.


Other products include a headband and a cap. The cooling pieces fit all these three styles.

Pros, Cons, and Suggestions:


  • Effective cooling that reduces body temperature and the risk of heat-induced headaches.
  • Visor provides extensive sun protection.
  • The cooling pieces are straightforward to insert and remove.
  • For triathletes who are just starting their run midday after biking with a helmet, and potentially overheating, the Omius can help maintain comfort.
  • Different options available as a visor, cap and headband.


  • Constant moisture is necessary for optimal cooling, so make sure you have ready water access.
  • Its size may be large for individuals with smaller heads. Try it in store at Red Dot Running Company to see the fit if you are worried.



    Conclusion: The Omius running visor offers a promising solution for athletes training in hot climates, blending advanced cooling technology with practical design. Its effectiveness in maintaining comfort during runs could be a game-changer for endurance athletes, particularly those facing the challenges of hot and humid environments. 


    Race coming up? Learn more about the Omius here or swing by Red Dot Running Company at 108 Sims Ave to check it out in person. 

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