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Xero - Sandals Z-Trek - Nugget - Men's

Xero - Sandals Z-Trek - Nugget - Men's

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Xero - Sandals Z-Trek - Nugget - Men's

The comfort of a sport sandal upper, and lightweight, barely-there feel of a packable sandal lets the Z-Trek do it all. The smooth, tubular nylon webbing is now made from post-consumer, recycled water bottles. Adjustable heel and instep straps let you fine tune for a snug fit.

Super Minimalist Sandal

A flexible, durable 6mm FeelTrue® sole with dual-direction chevron tread provides great grip, and the just-right amount of protection and sensory feedback. Confidently go from jogging at the beach, to your favourite water-sport, and a stroll through town, all while enjoying the benefits of natural freedom.

Details, details

  • Weight: 210g (M/EU42)
  • Stack height: 6mm
  • Heel to toe drop: 0mm

The low-down

  • Straps are made with recycled material
  • A durable outsole that gives you maximum sensory feedback
  • One of the thinnest sandals Xero has

Xero Shoes' Warranty Policies

Xero Shoes' warranty policies cover all products purchased at regular retail price. 

Manufacturing Warranty

This is a one-time, one-for-one exchange that covers factory defects up to 24 months from your date of purchase such as:

  • Sole separation
  • Clarino yoke break
  • Rubber tab breaks
  • etc.

It does not cover failures due to:

  • normal wear and tear
  • excessively rough or improper use
  • Activities outside what the shoes were designed for (e.g., skateboarding)

5000-Mile Sole Warranty

This warranty gives you a chance to exchange an old pair of shoes or sandals for a new pair at 40% off the regular MSRP (full retail price), and is specifically:

  • For soles worn down to less than 1mm thickness under the ball or heel of the shoe or sandal and not the sides and edges, and that meet the following conditions:
  • Worn for less than 5,000 miles or approx., 8,046km (with proof) 
  • Or within 1 year from the purchase date
  • For one exchange with an original purchase of Xero Shoes footwear with FeelTrue® outsoles 

The warranty will be void if:

  • Wear and tear is caused by activities outside what the shoes were designed for (e.g., skateboarding)

You can:

  • Exchange the worn out pair for the same model only
  • Select a different colour, however, this depends on its availability
  • Request for a different size, as long as it’s for you and depending on availability, because feet size can change over time especially with frequent use of minimalist footwear
  • Get free standard local delivery for residents of Singapore

Getting your shoes or sandals replaced

Once approved, you can get your replacement shoes or sandals in-store or have them delivered.

In-store exchange

  • Visit our store with your defective or worn out pair of shoes or sandals and we’ll gladly assist you with the exchange
  • Probably the simplest and most economical way to get it done, and you get to visit the RDRC crew ;)

 Local delivery

  • If you prefer delivery, we’ll arrange for the replacement shoes to be sent to you
  • You’ll have to pass the defective or worn out pair of shoes to our delivery team

Overseas shipping

  • You’ll have to ship the old shoes or sandals to us
  • Once we receive the old pair, we’ll send the new pair to you
  • All shipping fees will be borne by you

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