Veloforte Caffeinated Energy Chews - Amaro (Sour Cherry & Guarana)

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  • Veloforte Caffeinated Energy Chews - Amaro (Sour Cherry & Guarana)

    100% Natural Energy Chew

    Veloforte's Energy Chews are soft, fruity and invigoratingly natural.

    Amaro is made using tart cherries and caffeinated with guarana. This energy chew gives a nice hum of energy with its caffeine and is packed with the finest electrolytes and fast-release energy, add it to your nutrition line-up during long-runs and race day to keep things fresh 😎

    When to Chew on Veloforte's Amaro?

    We recommend popping them before and during exercise. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to deliver rapid high quality and easily digestible calories.


    • Beet sugar
    • Corn starch
    • Sour cherry concentrate (9%)
    • Water
    • Guarana powder (4%)
    • Lemon juice
    • Coconut water powder
    • Pink Himalayan salt

    Recommended intake: 2 chews every 20 minutes


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