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UltrAspire - Legacy 2.0 Race Vest (10L) - Black

UltrAspire - Legacy 2.0 Race Vest (10L) - Black

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UltrAspire - Legacy 2.0 Race Vest (10L) - Black

The Legacy 2.0 10L race vest is a long distance mid-capacity pack. With its lightweight and easy-to-use design, it’s a great choice for beginners and seasoned runners alike.

One Size Fits Most

This vest comes equipped with the new Max02 Waist system. This technology gives you the flexibility of fitting the pack to your body’s unique shape.

Designed to Keep You Moving

The UltrAcool Light mesh is breathable and lightweight but incredibly durable to support full capacity endeavours. Like all of UltrAspire’s race vests, the ErgoFit design ensures the least amount of body contact and zero hindrance during the arm swing motion for comfort over the long haul.

The main stress point has been reinforced with a double layer 70D fabric for durability. The Legacy 2.0 has 6 pockets which are accessible on the go and capacity to carry up to a 2L reservoir. If you prefer bottles, two of the upfront pockets will carry most soft flasks or UltrAspire’s UltraFlask 550 Hybrid Bottle.

Side pockets in the back also allow for more hydration should the scenario require it. One size fits most.


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