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UltrAspire - Human 20 2.0 Bottle - 591ml

UltrAspire - Human 20 2.0 Bottle - 591ml

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UltrAspire Human 20 2.0 Bottle (591ml)

A new bottle that is designed to fit in the hand more comfortably. Super soft materials allows the entire contents of the bottle to be expelled from just a few squeezes.

With the same base footprint as a standard water bottle, the Human 20 2.0 bottle will fit most standard bike cages, as well as holsters and pockets of UltrAspire packs. The Human 20 2.0 is BPA free.

• 20 oz (591ml) Human Bottle sculpted for smaller hands.
• Super soft, easier to squeeze plastic.
• FDA approved and Made in the USA!

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