UltrAspire F250 2.0 Handheld bottle - 250ml

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    The F250 2.0 Handheld makes carrying your nutrition or hydration a breeze. This handheld is built out of our layered dual-action XT Mesh which wicks moisture away from your skin and cools you as it evaporates.

    This bottle dispenses gels or home mixtures easily with a round large flow seamless shape. The silicone bottle is stain resistant, taste free, and odour free.


    Recommended Use:
    Racing and daily training.


    • Dispenses content easily with large flow and round seamless shape.
    • Perfect for liquids and food.
    • Silicone material makes it stain-resistant, taste, and odor free.
    • Easy to clean, simply use bottom loop to dry hanging upside down.
    • Light weight, super soft strap that hold bottle securely to your hand.


    Color Options: Emerald Blue
    Hydration Included: 250 mL

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