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Theragun - Relief

Theragun - Relief

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Theragun - Relief

Comfortable, everyday massage for everybody

Theragun Relief is comfortable and light, making it easier than ever to feel better and relieve pain. It’s our easiest-to-use device, with scientifically proven percussive massage therapy that provides fast and effective relief from aches, pains, tension and stiffness. Its patented triangle grip helps get to those hard-to-reach spots and 3 specialized attachments help treat different areas of the body.

  • Relieve aches and pains
    • Reduce tension and soreness
      • Ease stiffness
      • Increase circulation
      • Improve mobility
      • Improve sleep
      • Reduce stress


  • Comfortable 10mm percussive massage therapy to relieve aches and pains, backed by science
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use with one button control
  • 3 scientifically designed attachments to target different areas of the body: Dampener, Standard Ball, Thumb
  • Patented triangle grip to reach more of your body than other devices
  • 3 speeds with LED indicators to manage massage speed
  • Whisper-quiet for a distraction-free treatment
  • Access to step-by-step visually guided routines in the Therabody app

What's included

  • Theragun Relief device
  • Three attachments:
    • Standard Ball
    • Dampener
    • Thumb
  • USB-C charging cable

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