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Ying Rong Mok

the Runner's Paradox - Ying Rong Mok

the Runner's Paradox - Ying Rong Mok

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the Runner's Paradox - Ying Rong Mok

A paradox lies at the heart of distance running: we are born to run, yet we still need to learn to run. In understanding this paradox, we not only understand running, we also understand ourselves.

The Runner's Paradox explores the depths of sensory, emotional, and physical experiences that distance running provides. Physiotherapist and former elite runner Ying Rong Mok offers an authentic perspective on the art of running. Learn how to identify and address dysfunctions in your running, from the way you think to the way you run.

This indispensable resource shows you how to embrace the infiniteness of running. Deep dive into your consciousness, find your stride, and harness your potential. Proven, evidence-based techniques will encourage you to go farther, go faster, and stay pain-free-while rediscovering the joys of distance running. Get ready to run like you've never run before.

About the Author

Ying Rong Mok is a physiotherapist specialising in movement analysis and prehabilitation. A passionate entrepreneur, Ying has built and developed groups dedicated to rehabilitation for patients across a spectrum of movement disorders, from neurological conditions to sporting injuries. Her deep interest in running stems from her decade-long dedication to the sport. For twelve years, Ying represented Singapore in distance running and held the half marathon record from 2016 to 2019. Ying has partnered with schools and national teams to help athletes maximise their performance and minimise their injury risk. Ying is also a frequent speaker on all aspects of the running gait.
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