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Natalie Dau

Run Like a Woman: Menstrual Cycle-Based Training For Optimal Performance - Natalie Dau and Jason R. Karp Phd

Run Like a Woman: Menstrual Cycle-Based Training For Optimal Performance - Natalie Dau and Jason R. Karp Phd

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- Natalie Dau and Jason R. Karp Phd

Do you want to feel better running and unlock that great performance you have within you?

What if we told you that the ups and downs of a woman's hormonal roller coaster are really better understood as an ever-changing but predictable spiral? And that, with a little bit of knowledge and attention, you can analyze and even predict your running experience? Better still, you can apply this insight to your training, giving you clarity and control over your performance.

Run Like a Woman shares the secrets of the menstrual cycle to show you how to train smarter and run stronger and faster. The training is made for a woman-made for you-following the natural rhythm of your physiology.


An endurance athlete, social media influencer with nearly half a million followers on Instagram (@rockstararms), and spokesperson for several fitness and wellness brands, Natalie Dau is the founder and CEO of the lifestyle company, Keeping It Real and the Rockstar Fit App. She has over 25 years of global consulting experience, including international marketing, communications, and business strategy. Based in Singapore, she travels the world to create content, host events, and consult on lifestyle projects, and is a competitive ultrarunner across Asia. She appears regularly in the media, including her own weekly radio segment.

A competitive runner since sixth grade, Dr. Jason Karp quickly learned how running molds us into better, more deeply conscious people, just as the miles and interval workouts mold us into faster, more enduring runners. This passion Jason found as a kid placed him on a path that he still follows as an award-winning coach, exercise physiologist, author, and educator. In 2021, he became the first American distance running coach to live and coach in Kenya. His REVOâ‚‚LUTION RUNNING coaching certification, which has been obtained by coaches and fitness professionals in 26 countries, was acquired by International Sports Sciences Association.

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