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  • The Most Comfortable, Versatile, Durable and Bounce-Free Running Band  


    Right-Sizing Your Naked Band

    The pace of this sizing tutorial video is a little slow but bear with it so that you can find the best fit for yourself—if you're planning to order it online.

    Naked Running Band Size Guide

    Can I Exchange My Naked Running Band if I Get the Wrong Size?

    We'll exchange sizes for Naked Running Bands with the following conditions

    • You still have the original packaging
    • The band is unworn and unused
    • Additional shipping costs are to be borne by you

    We recommend following the video above but also measure where you're most likely to wear it.

    What Makes the Naked Running Band Great?

    • Inch increments for better fit
    • 3 large compartments instead of 4
    • More durable branding and logo visibility
    • Highly breathable, light
    • Carry your hydration, nutrition and accessories in 1 band
    • Bounce-free

    The quest to 'RUN. FREE.'

    Two brothers, one an ultra-trail runner and the other a triathlete, searched without success for a product that had capacity, flexibility, comfort and performance; they realised they had to do it themselves. The resulting product feels like you're wearing nothing at all.

    The Naked Running Band V2 is a high performance 4-way power mesh band for hydration and accessories that fits comfortably around your waist. It is the lightest, most breathable, non-chafing, bounce-resistant and versatile product of its kind, with 3 large individual pockets (opening with easy pull tabs) and elastic loops for a jacket or poles in the back. 

    To use it, simply put your feet through the band and slide it up and over your hips.

    Naked Running Band V2 has proven performance for carrying hydration flasks, accessories and other stuff in ultra trail, marathon and triathlon training and racing.

    Unlike other products on the market, it is not limited to one brand/model of flask and can carry up to three 500ml soft flasks and/or smart phone, energy gels and bars, keys, sunglasses, headlamp, banana etc!

    Total capacity is a monster 2L and, with the right weight distribution, bounce and shifting will be minimal carrying under 1kg.

    What will you put in it?


    Details, details

    • Weight: 72g
    • Made in El Salvador

    What the founders have to say

    "High performance proven for trails, triathlons and marathons from early season training to your “A” race."  — Lindsay Dakota, co-founder, ultra trail runner

    "Naked is the first hydration | accessory band that carries everything you need but feels like you’ve got nothing on." — Rick Petersen, co-founder, triathlete


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