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Mag-On - Magnesium Supplement (8-Pack & 30-pack)

Mag-On - Magnesium Supplement (8-Pack & 30-pack)

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Mag-On Magnesium Supplement (8-Pack & 30-pack)

A Magnesium Supplement for Pre-Race Cramp Prevention Measures

Take this powdered magnesium lemon-flavoured supplement in the morning, one day before your big training day or race.

You Need More Than Sodium

Even if you eat magnesium-rich foods on regular basis, it is difficult to keep a high level of magnesium in your body.

Athletes are often deficient in magnesium, which helps smooth muscle contraction and nerve signal transmission.

Regular magnesium intake regulates smooth muscle contraction even at the last part of your race.

Mag-on's magnesium supplement contains 200mg of magnesium per sachet, using a unique high quality Japanese domestic water-soluble magnesium.

Water Soluble Magnesium

2–3 times higher absorption rate

Nutritional Information:

  • Calories 11.1kcal,
  • Protein 0.409g,
  • Fat 0.00mg,
  • Carbohydrate 2.9g,
  • Sodium chloride 0.5mg,
  • Magnesium 200mg 

High absorption efficiency, Water Soluble Magnesium

Comparing to the magnesium “oxide” on the market, the water soluble magnesium have two to three times higher absorption rate. 

Suggested use:

Before bed

1 packet

30 min. prior to start

1 packet





At the middle stage, half-time

Take with water or dissolve in drink

1 packet

At 30-35km point

1 packet


Akihiro Takaokage: 40


The very strong amateur athlete who won Tour de Okinawa 210K in 2007, 2011, and 2015 to 2017. He takes three Mag-on powder packets daily in the morning, noon, and night before the race. He doesn’t suffer cramps during hi-speed race at average of 47km/h with 2 minutes climb.

HiromuI Nadage: 85


The miracle record holder of Ironman  World Championship over 80yrs of age.

“Take one packet before going to bed then awake clearly next morning. Before I struggled with cramps, but Mag-on powder brought me no problem.”

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