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Instinct - Ambition Trail Vest - 4.5L

Instinct - Ambition Trail Vest - 4.5L

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Soft flask


    AMBITION: THE new standard in reaching Ultra distances.
    Minimalist, refined & optimiSed.

    Audacious, perfectly balanced, AMBITION offers extraordinary freedom of movement & accessibility.
    Racy & performance oriented, it will support you in any race or training run from 10 to 70km.

    Trail enthusiasts & elite Ultra runners; a new trail starts here!

     Volume: 4.5L
     Weight: 190g 
     One Size


    The coolest & lightest way to run from 10 to 70km.

    Minimalist, refined & performance oriented, AMBITION is the coolest & lightest way to go further.
    Compact and extremely versatile, it offers clever storage, extreme function and a fit so natural that it’s forgotten.

    High sitting, the AMBITION allows immediate & easy access to hydration, feed, poles & adjustments.

    Adjustable front sternum straps and our unique elastic side lacing system allow for a custom fit to almost any body type.
    Discover stability, liberty of movement, immediate access to storage and unconstrained breathing.

    Optimal positioning of pockets & adjustments for natural, effortless & intuitive access.
    Lightweight & breathable honeycomb mesh ensures ventilation and sweat dissipation without sacrificing strength or reliability.

    AMBITION easily carries :
     2 x 650ml of hydration
     Rain jacket
     Rain pants
     Long Sleeve
     Safety Kit

     2x 650ml hydration pockets + elastic compression cords with auto lock.. Sits high for immediate and effortless access.
     2x 600ml feed storage pockets + internal elastic cord: extra large storage & easy access (right side: +1 hidden pocket // left side: +1 overlaying pocket).
     1x 100ml shoulder pocket, non-stretch internal cord ring + whistle + elastic loop for upper pole attachment. For safety essentials and more …

     1x 600ml top horizontal pocket + elastic compression cord with auto lock. Easily access your rain gear right from the first drop without removing bag!
     1x 600ml bottom horizontal pocket. Central access to safety kit, headlamp(s), gloves, arm warmers…
     1x 800ml vertical pocket + closing buckle. Perfect storage for rain pants, long sleeve t-shirt and even your poles.

     5 carrying options. Front: vertically right & left // Back: horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Directly in the dorsal vertical pocket.

     2 adjustable chest straps mounted on 20 cm sliders = custom fit vertically and horizontally.
     2 double “S” elastic cross-lacing with auto lock: “on the fly” side adjustment!
     1 elastic compression cord with auto lock for top back pocket.

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