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HOVERAir X1- Black Combo

HOVERAir X1- Black Combo

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HOVERAir X1- Black Combo


HOVERAir X1 is a revolutionary flying camera that requires no controller or training. It is designed for everyone to fly care-free, hands-free, and worry-free- unlocking a breathtaking aerial view right at your fingertips. 

 Combo pack includes HOVERAir X1 unit + 2 batteries + Dual charging stand + USB-C cable + Pouch

  • Portability and Simplicity Redefined
  • Automatic and Intelligent Flight Paths
  • Shoot and Share with the APP
  • Robust Tracking Algorithms & Ultra-Smooth Video

3-Second Palm Takeoff

HOVERAir X1 takes off from your palm with the press of a button.  There's no need to connect to a controller and frame your shot- you are the focus of every shot.  Just let go and start flying!

Multiple Intelligent Flight Paths

By selecting a mode and pressing a button, X1 Will take off and fly by itself. You can capture the moment while staying in the moment.  Have fun playing the lead in your own video! HOVERAir X1 comes with a selection of pre-programmed flight paths, including Hover, Follow, Zoon Out, Orbit, and Bird's Eye - you can even customize whether you want to take photos of video clips, as well as adjust the height, distance and angle. The HOVERAir X1 can cover all the unique angles and shots that you like. 

Triple Stabilization & Reliability

Combining a gimbal, electronic image stabilization (EIS), and horizon leveling, the triple stabilization system ensures super smooth videos.

Foldable & Portable

The HOVERAir X1 is an ultra-light 125g, lighter than most smartphones. When folded, it can easily fit in your pocket or bag so you can bring it anywhere!

Fully Enclosed Design

HOVERAir X1 is made of extremely durable and elastic material. The fully enclosed design makes it safe to launch from your hand and fly worry-free even around crowds or children.

The HOVERAir X1's corresponding app offers a streamlined and shooting experience, as easy as 1, 2, 3. Live preview and manual control allow you to adjust your shots in real-time. After shooting, you can quickly and easily download and share your special moments.

Key Specs

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