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  • Steigen Running Socks are designed to feel like you’re not wearing socks at all!

    Athletic or Running Socks are an accessory for comfort – the less you feel them the better. Steigen running socks are thin which creates minimal space between the shoe and your foot.

    This then leads to less movement in the shoe and then less friction/heat. Steigen Running Socks are designed to create an environment in which blisters are less likely to form. They are designed to give the wearer a more responsive feeling from foot and shoe.


    Key features:

    • Forefoot pad for comfort and durability
    • Arch supports
    • Lightweight fabric for fast moisture transfer and breath ability
    • Microfiber nylon (80%) with Lycra (20%)for form fit
    • Airflow top mesh
    • Super flat toe seam for superior comfort
    • Ankle crease reduction channels
    • Greater control


    SIZE: 5-12 Unisex

    Wash all Steigen socks on a 30 deg. C or cooler wash to prevent fading.


    All Steigen socks come with a No Blister Guarantee!

    The Easy Part  

    At Steigen, we offer a Blister Free Guarantee. This means that if you get a blister running, walking or riding in Steigen socks, we will refund the cost of your product.

    The Funny Part   

    “But Steigen, you will lose so much money with this ridiculous promise” - Everyone  

    The Boring Part

    • One refund per customer
    • We stop blisters, unfortunately we can't heal existing ones! (But we’re working on it)
    • Getting your shoes fitted by a running store professional is recommended in your quest for comfort.
    • Simply get in touch at

    But .. how?

    Blisters are caused by two things:

    1. Moisture 

    If your feet sweat or they are wet from the conditions you are running in, this creates an environment where blisters can form. In Steigen socks, there are NO elements of cotton or polyester, which are heavy fabrics which cause the feet to sweat as well as hold moisture in the sock. By using the correct combination of Italian Lycra and Microfiber Nylon, the Steigen sock is quick to dry and does not retain moisture.

    2. Friction

    This could be rubbing, heat or even the sneaky stick sneaking into your sock on a trail run. Steigen’s arch support allows for no air pocket to be created under the arch. The reinforced Italian Lycra around the sock band mean no slipping, rubbing or foreign objects creeping in. Your feet won't be as hot in Steigen socks, due to the materials used being of a higher quality and being ultra thin allowing your foot to breathe.


    How to claim your Steigen No Blister Guarantee refund:

    1. Email to get a refund claim form.
    2. Fill in the form and send the guilty socks back to
    Red Dot Running Company  
    108 Sims Avenue 
    Singapore 387432.
    Postage is at your own expense, RDRC will not be responsible for any socks lost in the post.
    1. Once we’ve received your socks and the refund claim form, we’ll process your refund and let you know when it’s complete.
    2. Don’t forget you need a dated image of your feet BEFORE wearing the socks. Best to use an auto date function on your camera/phone or place that day’s newspaper next to your feet in the photo.
    3. Each customer is only allowed ONE refund per lifetime.


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