Things to Listen To, Watch and Read If You Like Being Outside

Things to Listen To, Watch and Read If You Like Being Outside

While we're practising social distancing and hope you are too. While many of us are serving one of these cabin fever inducing acronyms:

  • Work from home (WFM)
  • Leave of absence (LOA)
  • Stay home notice (SHN)
  • Quarantine order (QO)

And cutting out all non-essential social activities.

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With everyone spending more time at home, we've compiled a non-exhaustive list of (freeđŸ€—) endurance sports, outdoor and adventure content to tide you over during these trying times. From trail running to open water swimming, videos to e-magazines and world-conquering expeditions to wildly simple tests of endurance. We want to inspire you to do what you can with what you have, stay sane and look forward to racing again. Once everything settles down.  

Listen to these podcasts

Endurance Asia Podcast

Illustration of mountain landscape with the words endurance asia podcast across the middle

If you're into trail running, love the outdoors and live in the region, you've probably heard of Endurance Asia. A celebration of everything about endurance sports, from ultra marathons to mountaineering and adventure races to Ironman triathlons. Listen to the experiences of athletes, explorers and race directors from or based in the Asia Pacific region.

Hosted by Scott and Ric, avid endurance enthusiasts based in Singapore, they shine the light, or in this case give a mic to ordinary people achieving extraordinary things, well beyond their perceived limits. And if you aren't sure which episode to start with, take our unbiased recommendation:

 Wild Ideas Worth Living

Ombre blue and turquoise background with the words wild ideas worth living in the middle

A podcast interviewing people who dare to take wild ideas and turn them into reality, you can look forward to everything from running with donkeys to starting a business to championing gender equality through sports. 

Here are a couple of episodes we'd recommend to start with:

Outside Podcast

Black and yellow background with outside podcast across the middle

Outside Magazine is a magazine that covers the topics of travel, sports, health and fitness. The Outside Podcast, if you hadn't already guessed, is the audio version. 

Through the use of soundbites, sound effects, vivid narration and skilful editing, the Outside Podcast brings some of the most mundane sounding topics to life. Shake up your podcast playlist, and listen to something else besides topics related to trail running. We never thought we'd be sucked into a podcast entitled:


Watch These Documentaries, Past Season's Races and Vlogs 

1 Year of TriathlonLIVE for Free

Collage of triathletes running

Whether altruistic or a clever bit of marketing, TriathlonLIVE is giving everyone free access until 30 March 2021. The catch? Just remember to cancel your subscription before then.

You'll get instant access to all videos from TriathlonLive. From big-name interviews, exclusive features, race highlights and every elite World Triathlon Series race from the 2019 season. From Super League Triathlon to the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, we're sure you'll find entertainment from this collection of videos, even if you aren't a multi-sport fan.

Cape Wrath: Inside Scotland's epic ultra-running race

A documentary of the multi-stage race in Scotland, this film follows the events of the inaugural race in May 2016, focusing on some of the first-ever participants to take on this extraordinary adventure.

Winding through the stunning Scottish Highlands, the Cape Wrath Ultraℱ is an ultra-running expedition through some of the world's most inspirational landscapes. And if you're wondering, the next edition is scheduled for May 2021.

Are you done with this 30-minute long film? Check out some other short docs by the same creators. 

Kraig Adams: A hiking YouTuber

Man sitting in a hill field with his backpack

There's nothing like a good hike to slow things down for us to enjoy landscape we run in, especially for those of us obsessed with pace and splits. However, since most of us aren't going anywhere anytime soon, why not queue a few of Kraig Adams' videos and start dreaming up adventures for the future.

Mediocre Amateurs: Trail running, hiking, skiing and climbing YouTubers

Silhouette of mountain landscape with sun rising in the background

A group of outdoor enthusiasts that create more that seem to do everything from scaling and skiing down mountains to running and crawling through canyons. Watch these (not really) amateurs set and get after their adventures usually completed over a weekend. Which should get you thinking 'what's stopping me?'...once this COVID-19 thing blows over, that is. 

Beau Miles: DIY Adventure and Endurance Junkie

Back view of man running with a shovel

You might remember him from his short film 'A Mile an Hour' which featured in Led Lenser Trails in Motion 7, hosted by our sister company, Fatburd Events .

Besides running, Beau Miles dreams up and takes on some crazy personal kayaking challenges. He shows us that you don't have to register for a race, to have some amazing experiences.

Francis Cade: Cycling YouTuber

close up of man's face while cycling

Hop on your trainer and binge Francis's videos. His videos aren't just stylised slow-mo shots of cyclists and their love for Lycra. Along with some friends, he's gone on bikepacking adventures in places like Australia and Vietnam that'll inspire any endurance junkie to switch to pedal power.

Ross Edgely: Strongman Swimming

Close up of a man swimming in the ocean in a wetsuit

It's always fun to watch someone get out, far out, of their comfort zone. Ross Edgely may not look like your typical endurance athlete, but he sure has the mentality of one.

In his 1st season of Strongman Swimming, he swam 40km with a log tied to himself. And in the 2nd season, he swam around Britain and had his tongue partially disintegrate from saltwater exposure.

Rapha Films

A group of cyclists riding through mountains with rice fields in the background

The premium cycling clothing brand doesn't just make slick apparel and accessories. They produce excellent video content as well, whether you prefer 10-minute long short docs or hour-long ones there's bound to be something for you.


Every Past Issue of Conquista Free on Digital

Illustration of cyclist on magazine cover

Conquista focuses on cycling and specifically, the beauty of it, and not your typical race-reports, training advice and plans that promise to enhance your ability on a bike. 

It isn't just about Lycra, colourful socks and expensive shades. This publication explores cycling in all its forms. And if you'd ever like to purchase physical copies of the magazine, check out and support Basheer Graphic Books—Singapore's book shop for everything design-related and niche.

Books From RDRC

Collection of books on a shelf

We've brought in a variety of trail running related books covering everything from fixing and preventing mangled feet to bios of some of the sport's biggest names, such as Kilian Jornet.

Stay safe, keep training and stay sane

Hopefully, we won't be able to finish reading, watching and listening to all this content before we're able to enjoy the company of friends and training groups on the trails, roads and be outdoors again. Love something you watched, read or listened to that wasn't in this article? Let us know!

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