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The RDRC 2023 Holiday Gift Guide!

The holidays are here - we’ll help you give joy with our staff picks for the active athlete in your life. Or you 😉


The ultimate gift guide for athletes and people who love to be active. Your holiday shopping just got easier with tried-and-tested products curated by our RDRC experts.


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For the enthusiastic beginner 😀

back of a woman wearing a patterned sports bra and slipping her phone in the special bra pocket


For that one friend that has just started out and has been cajoling you to join them, these gifts will help them pick up their pace... AND show them that you are 100% behind their new active lifestyle. Win-win. 

rabbit Race Pace Tank

Finding the right race top is like finding a perfect pair of jeans. Moisture-wicking and cling-free, this race tank is our team’s go-to running staple. Available in men’s and women’s.

Steigen Socks

Our best-selling socks for good reason. The airflow top mesh helps keep your feet cool and is especially great for hot weather running, while its strong yet thin material minimises movement in the shoe for less friction (and heat!) while running. Plenty of great colours and patterns means it's easy to find a pair they'll love.

Naked Running SL Band

This super lightweight running band made one of our beginner runners triple her daily distance because she now had a way to carry her essentials with minimal interference. There’s a reason Naked is consistently voted the most comfortable, versatile, durable and bounce-free running band, and the SL band is a slimmer version of the original, which makes it ideal for nailing those 5K jogs, or even perfecting a hands-free grocery run. 

rabbit Strappy Pocket Bra

A huge fan favourite for its comfortable fit, capable support, and lovely colour and print options, rabbit’s premium sports bra also sports a very useful handphone pocket so you can go hands-free while tackling the great outdoors (and everything in-between!). 

For the sensitive-gut athlete 🤢

image of a tube of bix recovery tablets in berry against a graphic design

We know that the right nutrients for recovery is just as important (if not more important) as fuelling up during your race. But a lot of sports nutrition products can be tough on an athlete’s digestive system, which is why RDRC carries only those that we’ve tried out ourselves and loved - for their performance, gut-friendliness, and taste. 

Tailwind Sampler Pack

There’s a reason why Tailwind is one of our RDRC best-sellers. Perfect for fuelling up AND recovery - just tear open a stick pack, and pour into a water bottle. No mess, no fuss. We love its complete fuel and recovery nutrition made from natural ingredients that are gentle on the stomach. The Starter Bundle is a great gift, providing a taste-and-try of all 8 Tailwind Endurance Fuel, and 4 Tailwind Recovery Mix flavours. 

BIX Recovery

A gem for health-conscious athletes, BIX is the world's first recovery hydration tablet with 11 vitamins and minerals to improve recovery and allow optimum performance. Effervescent tablets with zero sugar that provides a post-workout boost in 3 great flavours, which won’t turn your tummy after an intense workout. So good, you might want to get one for yourself too.

 Untapped Energy Gel

A simple ingredient list of natural flavours with a BIG taste impact. Untapped’s mainstay of maple syrup is low-glycemic, along with 100 mg of sodium to maintain your electrolyte balance during, or after, workout. Real organic lemon juice also makes the Salted Citrus a zingy team fave! 

For the I-must-break-my-personal-record trailblazer 🥇

product shot of Coros race watch Pace 3 against a graphic background

There’s no detail too small when it comes to improving your personal best. From no-tie laces to cutting-edge training technology that logs your progress with pin-point accuracy, and even a post-workout lotion that aids recovery. Pick any one - they’ll all be winners this holiday season. 


The PACE 3 delivers dual frequency next-generation GPS, longer battery life, on-board music, navigation, a touchscreen, new activity modes, and more! Weighing just 30 g, our community loves this watch for its intuitive interface, accuracy and ability to provide weeks of continuous training and recovery tracking in a sleek, lightweight package.

Psst! Those looking for something extra special should check out the very limited Coros Pace 3 EK edition, which celebrates the legendary Eliud Kipchoge in an iconic design. While stocks last.

 Caterpy laces

These no-tie laces are a game-changer! Its unique ‘bumpy’ shape enables you to adjust every part of your shoe’s upper to your unique foot shape and you’ll never have to stop during a race to retie your laces… ever again. We especially love the ones with reflective fibres, and with close to a zillion colours available (almost!) you’re sure to find the perfect gifting pair.

 PR Lotion

Up the ante on recovery with the world's first and only sports lotion that unlocks the natural electrolyte bicarb. Powered by InnerEdge™ technology, PR Lotion delivers bicarb directly to the working muscles via the skin and is scientifically proven to improve performance and decrease muscle soreness. 

For the you-should-look-good-no-matter-your-sport fashionista 💅🏾

image of a hand holding up a Norda 001 trail running shoe with mountains in the graphically-rendered background

Give them form AND function in one present. The style-forward sports person will love these slick picks that perform beyond their dazzling looks. 

Ciele Caps

The running cap to top all running caps. With UPF protection up front, COOLmatic PLUS mesh on top, a packable brim and all the performance goodness you expect from ciele. Available in a wide array of slick colors and styles, this iconic cap looks good both on, and off, the trail.

Knockaround Sunglasses

Sport frames that are lightweight, comfortably fitted, and look great on most face shapes? Heck yeah! Go the extra mile in style in these polarised beauts that feature anti-slip rubber nose pads (no annoying slipping when you are out racing) and UV400 protection and impact-resistant lenses.  

Norda 001 shoes

Tough yet light, this seamless trail running shoe is built with the world’s first seamless Bio-Dyneema® upper and exclusive Vibram® midsole and soleplate, with Megagrip rubber featuring 5mm lugs (stride in style!). A hand-painted midsole ensures every pair is unique - making it a perfect gift for hard-to-please athletes. 

For the no-pain-no-gain athlete 💪🏽

image of a Theragun PRO 4 against a frame and pedestal graphic background

Show them you don’t have to grin-and-bear-it with these two RDRC top team picks for minimising the pain and maximising the gain.

Squirrel’s Nut Butter

Friction…hurts, especially when you are going the distance. Show your love this holiday season with a tin of this cult fave, an all-natural anti-chafe salve from Squirrel’s Nut Butter. With a coconut oil base that includes cocoa seed butter, beeswax, and Vitamin E to keep skin gently nourished, your sporty friend is going to love you. Especially since... bonus alert... it also restores dry skin and cracked heels.

Theragun Gen4 PRO

Take our word for it, this small package packs a punch. Literally. Relieve tension in sore muscles, speed recovery and pummel stress away with this deep muscle treatment that features 300-minute battery life. The Theragun Gen4 PRO’s smart percussive therapy device features professional-grade durability and power with a 2-year warranty. And its QuietForce Technology QX150 means you get up to 60 lbs of force at a volume no louder than an electric toothbrush. 

For the go-for-GOLD gift 🏆

product image of a black HoverAir X1 camera drone against a graphic background 

HoverAir X1

If you’re tearing your hair out wondering what to get the person who has everything, the HoverAir X1 is your answer. A tiny camera drone that goes from palm to lift-off in 3 seconds, this sharp-shooting camera and video drone will capture your athletic endeavours, to help you train better on the go (or just look really cool doing it).

With pre-programmed flight paths, video and image capture can be customised according to personal preference, while the triple stabilisation system ensures smooth footage from start to finish. After all, nothing says you care more than making them the star of their own show. 😉

The HoverAir X1 combo comes with an extra battery and is available in black or white.

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