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A couple of years ago I struggled with a hamstring injury that just would not heal. The problem was caused by my failure to do enough (or any) physiotherapy following an Achilles tendon surgery, after which I lost significant muscle mass in my right calf. I was able to run again fairly soon, but incurred a series of injuries on my "strong" side, obviously as a result of overcompensating (I could see this also in the uneven wear patterns on the soles of my running shoes). Unfortunately, I'm pretty terrible at following through with non-running strength and flexibility exercises, even...

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Like a lot of runners, I’ve had my share of injuries, and like a lot of runners who have had injuries, I’ve looked high and low for solutions to my various problems (which have become more frequent and more widespread throughout my body as I’ve aged …). If you’re doubting my credentials as an Old Guy Who Has Been Injured a Lot, let me just say that I had a pair of Nike Waffle Racers before they became vintage footwear that can fetch thousands of dollars at Sotheby's. A few years ago, I had a pain in my left heel, and after struggling...

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Dr. Jesse Timm is known to some in the RDRC community for the series of minimalist running workshops he held last year at the shop. He is also known – in his day job role as a chiropractor – for the help he has provided to some of us when we’ve had back or alignment problems. A Singapore resident since 2010, Jesse has always been an athlete, wrestling and rowing at the university level, but since then, mostly running, logging up to 200 injury-free kilometres a week in preparation for his first 100K in 2012. A sports injury in high school and...

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You may know Red Dot Running Company sells Xero Shoes and Vibram FiveFingers, and you may have read "Born to Run". 😉😂 We get a lot of questions about the benefits of minimalist shoes, which can be divided into two main categories: 1) should I be transitioning to minimalist shoes? and 2) how should/can I transition to minimalist shoes without injuring myself? Should I be transitioning to minimalist shoes? The answer to the first question is “it depends”. Many people come to minimalist running for the same reason they try other new techniques and technologies: they’re looking to fix something,...

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