Nnormal Kjerag vs Tomir: What are the differences?

Nnormal Kjerag vs Tomir: What are the differences?

We have the Nnormal Kjerag and Tomir in the shop, and if you follow ultrarunning, you know that last year superstar mountain/ultra runner Kilian Jornet launched Nnormal in collaboration with Spanish footwear company Camper. But what are Kilian and Camper trying to achieve? What are the Nnormal shoes like, and what are they made for? 

In brief, Kjerag and Tomir have a lot in common: they have both been developed to perform on the most technical peaks and under the most difficult conditions while providing a unique feeling of comfort and toughness. But what are the differences between one model and the other? What kind of activities and runners are they best suited for? Which shoe do you need, depending on your foot type? 

Obviously, the best way to check them out is to check them out in person, in the shop, but here's a bit of an introduction: 

Design and materials

The aim of Kjerag is to achieve the highest level of performance in order to be the ideal companion for the most demanding runners. It is the shoe for runners who face technical, variable and moderately difficult terrain. It is a versatile and durable model that follows the natural movement of the foot, helping to prevent muscle fatigue and blisters. In addition, the shape of the front makes it ideal for feet that tend to swell.

Tomir, on the other hand, is a shoe that is practically perfect for all distances, training, competitions and advanced trail running routes. It is tough and very adaptable to every type of foot.

With its design and performance, Kjerag is an ideal shoe for fast runners who prioritise lightness and need a shoe that is reactive and sensitive to the terrain. Tomir, on the other hand, performs at the highest level in all conditions and the cushioning it provides the runner with is undoubtedly one of its strong points.

Sole and footstrike – choose according to your needs

The main differences between Kjerag and the Tomir with regard to footstrike lie in the tread, the midsole materials and the presence or absence of an insole.

Kjerag’s sole has been designed through a unique partnership between VIBRAM® and NNormal, resulting in a Megagrip Vibram Litebase sole that drastically reduces the overall weight of the shoe. It also features 3.5 mm lugs and a 6 mm drop. In addition, the shoe’s midsole contains EExpure® foam, which is in direct contact with the foot via a thin membrane, as the shoe does not have an insole.

In fact, this model has more lugs per unit area than its Tomir counterpart, which increases power transfer on fast terrain and offers great stability in changes of direction.

The VIBRAM® Megagrip sole is perfect to feel secure in any conditions and terrain. In addition, thanks to the development of Litebase technology, this shoe is almost 50% thinner and up to 30% lighter. All without altering the stability of the 5 mm lugs. Meanwhile, the EVA midsole will give you the cushioning you need for your adventures, together with an 8 mm drop.

Upper and lining of NNormal shoes

Kjerag’s upper (Matryx® Jacquard) is exceptionally tough, durable and breathable, thanks to the individually coated polyamide and Kevlar® yarn weave. The shoe is laced and this, together with the fabric used in this model, makes it an undisputed icon of lightness and comfort.

In the Tomir line, the upper is made of a unique blend of TPE and monofilament polyester, making it a very robust shoe to counter abrasion and tearing. This upper is stitched to the midsole to make a more durable shoe. In addition, Tomir's asymmetrical lacing system increases support and drastically reduces pressure points.

Kjerag and Tomir – a shoe for every experience

To summarise and make it easier for you to compare NNormal shoes, bear in mind that Kjerag has a lower-profile tread pattern, is a fast shoe and provides high energy transfer to the fast runner, especially on compact terrain. Tomir has a pronounced tread profile, provides great cushioning and is designed for all types of runners and terrain. It stands out for its incredible durability.

Conclusions – Kjerag’s and Tomir’s strengths

They both have been created for those who enjoy the outdoors and want to do it like we do: with maximum performance and without leaving a trace.

Check 'em out the next time you're in the shop!

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