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To caffeinate or not to caffeinate, that is the question! Studies have shown that drinking caffeine about an hour before racing (or training) can help boost endurance, energy and performance. Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, blocking the adenosine receptors (responsible for fatigue), in turn, making you feel less tired. In addition, some studies have shown that caffeine increases activation of muscle fibers, leading you to feel faster and stronger, and enhanced mood, which makes long-term repetitive efforts less daunting. But people react differently to caffeine. For some, it’s a performance enhancer; others can be over-stimulated and see their performance...

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The Tailwind Nutrition origin story begins in a rubbish bin, in which company co-founder Jeff Vierling had his head after finishing the famous Leadville Trail 100 MTB mountain bike race. Jeff's muesli came up, and he thought, "There's gotta be a better way." After extensive research, he realized that most sports nutrition products contain ingredients that are hard to digest, and began experimenting with batches of powder formulated to match the way the body absorbs fuel. Lots of experimentation on himself, his wife and co-founder Jenny, and their local Thursday Bike n’ Beer group in Durango eventually produced a product that people...

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Unived is an Indian company that makes a wide range of natural, vegan health foods and supplements, including sports nutrition products that are used by some of the world’s top ultrarunners. We were interested in learning something about the intersection of veganism and endurance sport, so we decided to ask Unived founder Amit Mehta a few questions.

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For those of us who enjoy running, one silver lining of this year's COVID-19 pandemic has been the expansion of our community (you cyclists have noticed it as well). When gyms were closed, a lot of people realized they could get their exercise pretty easily, and very affordably, by just lacing up a pair of shoes and heading out the door – for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or more. Running, jogging, walking, a combination, whatever. Eventually a COVID-19 vaccine will be widely available and the world will return to "normal" (whatever that looks like), but we expect that...

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Ever felt tired or sluggish the day after a hard training session? Legs feel empty, like there’s nothing left in them? You’re putting in all the training, but are you recovering well? Recovery is an essential part of the process. The foundation of recovery for sports performance is a good night's sleep and three well-balanced meals a day. But intense workouts place additional strain on your body, and especially the specific muscle groups that have been involved in that hard workout. You should always aim to eat a good, balanced meal within two hours of your hard session (or any...

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