Fancy having Kilian Jornet as your coach?

Fancy having Kilian Jornet as your coach?

Join forces with the legendary mountaineer and trailblazer, Kilian Jornet, who has partnered with family-owned footwear company Camper to launch NNormal.

NNormal’s products reflect a shared philosophy—providing authenticity and utility that inspire people to enjoy and respect nature. Crafted with care in Mallorca and rigorously tested in Norway, NNormal products are functional, performance-oriented, and built to last.


A pair of performance trail running shoes by NNormal in pale yellow and blue as seen from above and directly in front.

From rolling terrain to mountainous peaks to new training regimes, the NNormal Tomir trail shoe (pictured above in sand and blue) provides secure comfort, outstanding grip, and next-level cushioning. 


From now until December 31, 2023, each purchase of NNormal shoes at RDRC unlocks an extraordinary 20-week coaching program. This exclusive opportunity offers weekly insights on training, nutrition, and wellness, directly from Kilian Jornet and the NNormal team.

New to NNormal shoes? Come by the RDRC store at 108 Sims Ave to experience your Cinderella moment. These shoes don't just prioritize quality and performance, they also focus on improving sustainability efforts with a unisex design that reduces overproduction. Let our friendly RDRC staff provide expert guidance on the ideal NNormal model and fit that best suit your feet and running needs.

Ready to transform your outdoor experience? Here's how:


1. Purchase a pair in-store at RDRC, 108 Sims Ave (S) 387432.

2. Complete a simple form at checkout with your purchase receipt.

3. Start receiving weekly expert tips on training, nutrition and wellness directly in your inbox from Kilian Jornet and the NNormal team. Tips end the week of December 31st, 2023.


1. Already know your size? Purchase your pair online at

2. Once your purchase has been processed, receive a unique link to register your receipt number.

3. Once registered, start receiving weekly expert tips on training, nutrition and wellness directly in your inbox from Kilian Jornet and the NNormal team. Tips end the week of December 31st, 2023.


Black Kjerag performance running shoe with white sole by brand NNormal

The NNormal Kjerag (pictured above in black and grey) is made for every runner, at every level. The design team worked side-by-side with Kilian Jornet to create a shoe that’s made to be versatile, whether one is scrambling across technical trails or training on the road. 


Ready to get coached by Kilian Jornet and the NNormal team? Get yours now!

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