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WOW Superfoods Genius Warrior Cacao Bar - 58g

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  • Turbocharged Ecuadorian Criollo cacao with 12 added superfood ingredients.



    <BodyMind Supremacy>

    <Euphoria Grade | Turbocharged With 12 Amazing Superfoods>

    Whether you need total brain power or physical energy – GENIUS WARRIOR CACAO BAR is for you.

    Turbocharged with 12 amazing superfoods, you get countless added benefits such as improved immunity and antioxidant protection. After your first bar, you will be left wondering why the Genius Warrior wasn’t conceived any earlier! They say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This can't be more true with the ingredients in the Genius Warrior Cacao Bar. They have been specifically selected to work in synergy with WOW Cacao so that all their individual magic can be magnified.



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