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Veloforte - Energy Gel - Doppio (Maple, Coffee & Guarana)

Veloforte - Energy Gel - Doppio (Maple, Coffee & Guarana)

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Veloforte - Energy Gel - Doppio (Maple, Coffee & Guarana)

Maple, Coffee & Guarana

3-in-1 formula of energy, natural caffeine & electrolytes with real fruit. Indulgently smooth energy gel caffeine with a natural kick.

Each Doppio delivers an invigorating mix of 22g of natural energy, pure electrolytes & 75mg of natural caffeine – restore, refresh & re-energise with improved alertness & concentration. 

"OMG these are so delicious. Like a caramel coffee. And I never thought I'd say that about a gel. I want to go out riding just so I can have one!" Val - Barnet


Delivering Nature’s power at pace

Natural, powerful & delicious… our 100% natural energy gels – hand-crafted to include nature’s secret weapons for rapid-release energy. 

Each 33g squeeze-pack delivers 22g of easily absorbed dual-source natural carbohydrate with an optimal mix of glucose & fructose to facilitate maximal energy absorption & sustained energy release – to keep you going longer.(15)

  • Unrefined Brown Rice Syrup delivers essential fast-release Glucose – rapid delivery of energy straight to your muscles.
  • Date Nectar is higher in Fructose – so offers a slower release energy to keep you feeling fuelled for longer.
  • Maple Syrup has a mellow sweetness from both glucose & fructose & is a powerful source of anti-oxidants.(45)

The naturally occurring electrolytes within these syrups are enriched with the purest pink Himalayan salt to help you maintain a healthy fluid balance, reduce muscle cramping & optimise muscle function as you work hard.(38,39)

"I love Veloforte bars but these Nectars are a fantastic addition. All the energy, a nice caffeine boost & wow – they're delicious " Nathan - Stevenage


We believe that everything is better if it's natural. The caffeine within the Doppio sports gels comes from nature's best natural source... Guarana.  

Each serving contains 75mg of natural caffeine, the equivalent of a large espresso. Caffeine doesn't actually give you more energy it improves reaction speed, alertness & concentration whilst reducing your perception of exertion. (20-26) You feel more awake & your efforts feel less strenuous allowing you to exercise harder for longer.

Guarana is absorbed slowly by the body, creating a state of calm alertness, with a less jittery, more sustained energy boost... a stark contrast to the fast rush & crash experienced with brewed coffee or synthetics.(28)  Go Natural Caffeine!

Veloforte Doppio | Natural Energy Nectar | Natural Sports Gel with Caffeine

Blended to provide balanced energy release, easy on the taste buds, easy to swallow & easy on the stomach.

Usage Guide:

It can take endurance athletes up to 90 minutes of moderate to intense exercise to fully deplete the body’s glycogen stores.

The most important rule is to fuel before you need it… eat before you are hungry, not as you feel yourself crashing or hitting the wall.

  • We generally advise to take your first sports gel somewhere between 60 - 75 minutes into a workout, and then every 45 minutes or so.

  • Always take our energy gels with some water, without it they'll take a little longer to digest and be slower to enter the blood stream.

  • Consider alternating between caffeine and non-caffeine energy gels too to ensure you don’t take on too much caffeine. (Keep to a maximum 5 per day). 


    Our recipes are packed full of the finest real-food ingredients. They are naturally vegan, free from gluten, dairy or any additives & preservatives… making them easily and naturally digestible, free from any nasties. This means they help to avoid bloating, cramping and other dreaded GI issues, allowing you to perform at your best.

    Ingredients: Unrefined Brown Rice Syrup, Date concentrate, maple syrup, water, Guarana Extract, Freeze Dried Decaffeinated Coffee, Pink Himalayan Salt

    Veloforte Doppio | Natural Energy Gel | Nutritional Information


    Contains 75mg of Natural Caffeine – Maximum 5 per day. Not suitable for under 16's, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

    Our Nectars are made from the finest natural ingredients. Consume as part of your balanced nutrition plan.

    Our Nectars are produced within an Informed Sport Certified facility. They last 12 months when stored in a cool dry place. Once opened, consume immediately.

    Suitable for people with nut or peanut allergies. 

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