Veloforte - Energy Gel - Desto (Tart Cherry & Guarana)

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  • Veloforte - Energy Gel - Desto (Tart Cherry & Guarana)

    Desto Gel is an amazing blend of tart cherry, guarana, and electrolytes--a true triple threat that will change how you’ll fuel adventures.

    Each 33g pack is crafted to give you a powerful combination of energy, electrolytes and natural caffeine (a safe, natural and proven sports performance enhancer).

    With 22g of carbs, 110mg sodium and 75mg caffeine, this innovative whole food gel will take your performance to new heights.

    If you love Veloforte’s Doppio gel, give Desto a try. It offers the same exceptional benefits of dual sourced carbs and caffeine.

    The difference? Every pack of Desto packs a refreshing and fruity flavour, coupled with the added anti-inflammatory properties derived from anthocyanin rich cherry juice.
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